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How SEO & Print Work Together

How SEO & Print Work TogetherAt first glance, digital and physical marketing may appear to be two separate entities.

But they can and do intersect. Using them together can help you craft a unique nurturing experience for your leads. It can amplify your marketing. And it has never been easier to implement an elegant strategy thanks to advancements in tech.

The connection between SEO and print marketing may seem esoteric. The goal of SEO is to rank for targeted keywords, preferably in the first position of search results. The goal of print marketing is to build awareness for your business and products, inform your leads, and with any luck, convert them into customers.

When you consider how content marketing works, it’s not hard to see how the two worlds connect. SEO is built on quality content as much as it is on website hierarchy structure, mobile friendliness, and load times. Relevant content is what drives visitors to visit a particular page.

Your print material is also a form of content, though it may be brief by comparison. It may only contain a few lines of sales copy and a call-to-action. But if you make a convincing enough case, your leads will be compelled to visit your website to find out more.

So, here are several ways in which SEO and print marketing work together.Continue Reading..

Local SEO vs. Organic SEO: What You Need To Know

Local SEO vs. Organic SEO: What You Need To KnowOptimizing your website for search engines allows you to drive more traffic to it. If the traffic you generate is targeted, it should naturally lead to more email subscribers and sales.

But SEO isn’t exactly a straightforward strategy. Marketers can become frustrated with how hard it is to execute, and how long it can take to work.

Further complicating matters, there’s a difference between local SEO and organic SEO. With local SEO, the goal is to drive traffic to your website from a specific geographic location. Restaurants, hotels, and retail storefronts are great examples of local businesses. Entities utilizing organic SEO may not have a physical location and aren’t dependent on locally oriented searches.Continue Reading..

Do Competitive Research to Improve Your Website

Do Competitive Research To Improve Your WebsiteYour website is driving traffic and helping you generate leads.

But let’s face it – your numbers could always be better.

Plus, your competition might be on to some things you haven’t even thought of yet. Their traffic numbers and conversion rates could be miles ahead of where yours are.

The good news? Your competitors aren’t completely out of reach. You may be able to learn a great deal from them, and even take inspiration from and improve upon their strategies.

But how do you go about learning from competitors? How do you conduct competitive research when you’re interested in boosting the effectiveness of your site?Continue Reading..

Who Needs Local SEO Services?

Who Needs Local SEO?The internet connects the world in ways land line phones and letters simply never could.

Some businesses primarily serve a local audience, and may even have a storefront. Others are more globally focused, and may only have an online component to their company. That’s the amazing thing about the times we’re in.

It stands to reason, then, that businesses focused on eCommerce or online sales may not put as much of a point on optimizing for local.

But if you’re looking to increase your visibility on the internet, local SEO strategies are incredibly important. In some cases, even global businesses can benefit from focusing more on the local market.Continue Reading..

How Website Hierarchy Affects SEO

How Website Hierarchy Affects SEOHow organized is your website?

This probably seems like an innocuous question. But did you know that your website hierarchy can affect how it ranks in search?

We’ve all heard about how important content is, and how we should put effort into crafting amazing content on a regular basis. But even something as simple as your site structure can have a dramatic effect on your organic traffic.

You may be under the impression that there’s a logical flow to your website, that your visitors know exactly where they need to go to find the information they’re looking for.

But the pages optimized for your best keywords might be buried deeper than they should be. Your internal linking may need to be improved upon. Furthermore, you may need to beef up the content on your site.

Unless you already have an excellent site structure, you probably have some work ahead of you. But the results will be worth the effort.

First, here’s why you need to improve your site structure.Continue Reading..