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How SEO Is Done by the Experts

How SEO Is Done by the ExpertsIf you’ve been learning about marketing online for any length of time, you’ve probably heard about search engine optimization, also known as SEO.

While some aspects of marketing rarely if ever change, SEO is one of those fields that’s continually evolving. Search engines frequently update their algorithms to show more relevant and valuable results to their users, requiring marketers to keep adapting.

Today, spammy and unnatural SEO tactics don’t yield results and could, in fact, harm your efforts to rank higher in search. Making your site more human-friendly is the number one way to rank.

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Why Intent Is Critical for Effective PPC

Why Intent Is Critical for Effective PPCAn effective PPC campaign begins with a clear understanding of who your customers are.

Without knowing what they’re looking for, what stage of the buying cycle they are in, and how they behave, it may prove difficult if not possible to nail down a winning PPC strategy.

You must be aware of user intent. Some users are merely researching their options. Some have narrowed down their search to a few items. Some are ready to buy. It is possible to cater to each of these types of users, but if you’re running paid campaigns, it’s probably because you’re looking for a return on investment. This means you must tailor your approach to those who are ready to buy.

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Using CoSchedule to Improve Content Marketing Efforts

How Mann & Co. Uses CoSchedule To Improve Content Marketing EffortsThe challenge of digital marketing is that it can be hard to stay organized, especially when there are a lot of moving pieces and channels to oversee.

CoSchedule is a comprehensive digital marketing management tool. It’s a collaborative calendar environment for your team where you can plan and coordinate your social media, content marketing, email marketing, and more.

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Cookie-Free IP Targeting: An Overview of EI Toro

Cookie-Free IP Targeting: An Overview of EI ToroTechnology has made it easier than ever to find out about your website users or prospects.

This data can inform your product development and marketing efforts, and thus help you drive better results from your investment.

And, the tools just keep getting better, allowing for better targeting and ad placements. It’s now possible to do things with advertising once only imagined.

El Toro is just such a tool. You can use it to reach your target customer in unique and powerful ways that would be impossible with other ad platforms.

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How SEO & Print Work Together

How SEO & Print Work TogetherAt first glance, digital and physical marketing may appear to be two separate entities.

But they can and do intersect. Using them together can help you craft a unique nurturing experience for your leads. It can amplify your marketing. And it has never been easier to implement an elegant strategy thanks to advancements in tech.

The connection between SEO and print marketing may seem esoteric. The goal of SEO is to rank for targeted keywords, preferably in the first position of search results. The goal of print marketing is to build awareness for your business and products, inform your leads, and with any luck, convert them into customers.

When you consider how content marketing works, it’s not hard to see how the two worlds connect. SEO is built on quality content as much as it is on website hierarchy structure, mobile friendliness, and load times. Relevant content is what drives visitors to visit a particular page.

Your print material is also a form of content, though it may be brief by comparison. It may only contain a few lines of sales copy and a call-to-action. But if you make a convincing enough case, your leads will be compelled to visit your website to find out more.

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