How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print Marketing

How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print MarketingDo you have an IP targeting strategy? There are some trends and strategies that are fads. In other words, temporary. However, on the other side of things – some strategies or tactics become pillars, permanent fixtures of sorts. Print marketing, for example, is still one of the most effective marketing strategies in existence. The conversion metrics of print marketing speak for themselves. Yet, print marketing strategies can benefit from implementing updated tactics, like IP targeting.Continue Reading..

3 Benefits of Using IP Targeting For Better Marketing

3 Benefits of Using IP Targeting For Better MarketingThe marketing industry is swimming with buzzwords. New terms seemingly pop up every day or week. At the same time, some are consistently evolving. That is the case with target marketing, as marketing professionals can whittle down target markets to as small as a single person. IP Targeting is one of the latest advances in the world of marketing and hyper-personalized customer communications.

IP targeting takes the same principle as geo-fencing and evolves it to the next level. Geo-fencing groups IP addresses together by region, whereas IP targeting matches individual names and physical addresses with their associated IP address.Continue Reading..

Cookie-Free IP Targeting: An Overview of EI Toro

Cookie-Free IP Targeting: An Overview of EI ToroTechnology has made it easier than ever to find out about your website users or prospects.

This data can inform your product development and marketing efforts, and thus help you drive better results from your investment.

And, the tools just keep getting better, allowing for better targeting and ad placements. It’s now possible to do things with advertising once only imagined.

El Toro is just such a tool. You can use it to reach your target customer in unique and powerful ways that would be impossible with other ad platforms.

What can El Toro do for you? Read on.Continue Reading..