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We believe color matters, and we are not alone. According to research conducted by the Pantone Color Institute, 60% of shoppers make their selection in-store. More than 65% of all purchasing decisions involve color. Color is a critical element to any marketing effort, whether on the shelf, in the mail, or digital. We help brands, ad agencies, and print service providers achieve consistent color and successful marketing results.

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Brands, ad agencies and print service providers are concerned about color accuracy and consistency. For brands, it means increased sales and protection of brand integrity. For print service providers, it's retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. We have the knowledge, and expertise to help with both. Learn more>


Print remains relevant and essential for many businesses. It has a physical presence that creates a psychological understanding of "realness" and is widely considered more credible than digital media. With our unparalleled expertise in print, we help you capitalize on this enduring medium's unique advantages. Learn more>


Perry Mann

Perry Mann is a color management and print marketing expert and the founder of Mann & Co. in 1998. With in-depth knowledge of integrating sales strategies and business experience, he has established a consistent track record of achievements and results. Perry thrives on finding innovative ways of helping clients create revenue and increase profitability while driving results in fast-paced environments and building strong customer relationships based on trust.

His greatest strengths include marketing, color management, and print production management. He’s also highly competent in website development, SEO marketing, LinkedIn marketing, content marketing, social media, and paid advertising.

Perry has an extensive background in the world of printing, graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in printing management and owning and managing printing businesses. He has also achieved BrandQ certification from Idealliance, increasing his knowledge and expertise in facilitating effective communications between brands and suppliers.

What Our Clients Say

  • We're now generating leads at a much cheaper cost thanks to Mann & Co.

    Andy - Keepsake Box USA

  • Your print quality management services are second to none.

    Micky - The Shoppe

  • Thanks for the awesome lead gen campaigns!

    Dave - PCG

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