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We believe color matters, and we are not alone. According to research conducted by the Pantone Color Institute, 60% of shoppers make their selection in-store. More than 65% of all purchasing decisions involve color. Color is a critical element to any marketing effort, whether on the shelf, in the mail, or digital. We help brands, ad agencies, and print service providers achieve consistent color and successful marketing results.

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Brands, ad agencies and print service providers are concerned about color accuracy and consistency. For brands, it means increased sales and protection of brand integrity. For print service providers, it's retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones. We have the knowledge, and expertise to help with both. Learn more>


Standing out in today’s highly competitive world of marketing messages requires solid marketing strategies that address new customer acquisition, customer retention, and upsell/cross-sell opportunities. We create the most effective marketing campaigns that generate results while making optimal use of your marketing dollars. Learn more>

Multichannel Marketing

Multichannel MarketingYou’re likely aware that the marketing world has changed. There are more channels now than ever before. It can be confusing and frustrating trying to figure out the best course. With Mann & Co., get fully integrated multichannel marketing campaigns that speak to each customer. Done with direct mail, email, landing pages, online display, mobile, retail and more.

So pass your marketing goals by using the customer data you have. Use your data and more to drive individual messaging within multichannel marketing campaigns.

Reach your target customers with personal messages across multiple media platforms. Your custom campaign will include exactly the right touchpoints to reach your customers at specific times for the most impact. The customer’s data drives the content for their custom print, email or web page.

With multichannel marketing, be there when your customer first opens their mailbox with a beautiful, personalized direct mail piece. Each piece is unique to speak to the recipient and sends them to personalized landing pages.

Follow up with an email campaign specifically designed to cater to each customer’s interests.

Once planned and launched, all aspects of the campaign are programmed to run smoothly. And without the need for intervention. Also monitor the results using person-by-person campaign statistics. They are available in real-time.

These are just a few of the possibilities with multichannel marketing. You have customer data. And we will work with you to understand how to use it to its fullest advantage. As a result, we will do this by reaching your customers where they are and getting them to respond with highly-relevant marketing campaigns.


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Perry Mann

Perry Mann is a sales and marketing expert and the founder of Mann & Co. With in-depth knowledge of integrating sales strategies and business experience, he has established a consistent track record of achievements and results. Perry thrives on finding innovative ways of helping clients create revenue and increase profitability while driving results in fast-paced environments while building strong customer relationships based on trust.

Some of his greatest strengths include marketing, color management, and print procurement. He’s also highly competent in website development, SEO marketing, LinkedIn marketing, content marketing, social media, and paid advertising.

Unusual for a marketing expert, Perry has an extensive background in the world of printing, a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in printing management, as well as experience running printing businesses. He has also achieved BrandQ certification from Idealliance, increasing his knowledge and expertise in facilitating effective communications between brands and suppliers.

Perry founded Mann & Co. in 1998 as a print management company. Over the years, he has added additional services, including print quality management, digital marketing, and application development.

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