How G7 Training and Certification Works At Your Printing Facility

How G7 Training and Certification Works At Your Printing FacilityG7 training is something to consider for your printing facility. The G7 method provides industry-standard specifications that guide print configuration. And that will deliver consistency and accuracy during the entire printing process. Its objective is to calibrate and regulate CMYK imaging devices to deliver visual quality continuity across the complete printing pathway. G7 specifications are device irrelevant. Meaning that standard calibration for any appropriate imaging device is permissible. Providing a qualified G7 specialist is controlling the entire process.

G7 training and the certification process are meticulous and labor-intensive endeavors. And typically, only the most talented printing industry experts will succeed in achieving the G7 Master qualification.Continue Reading..

How Postcards Translate Into More Online Sales

How Postcards Translate Into More Online SalesPrinted postcards are one of the most powerful forms of direct marketing. Their versatility means that both big and small businesses can include them in their marketing strategy. Despite the emergence of new high-tech channels for reaching customers, here are a few ways sending postcards generates more online sales.Continue Reading..

How Print Plays a Role in Your Marketing Automation

How Print Plays a Role in Your Marketing AutomationEvolution is the further development of something that already exists. That is unlike invention, which is the creation of something from nothing. As such, new business practices are often evolutions and further developments in pre-existing tactics and strategies. Print marketing, for example, is a tried and true method of marketing. However, implementing technology and new aged business tactics into print marketing elevates the marketing strategy. One such innovation in recent years is marketing automation.

Marketing automation and customer communication management software came into the limelight over the past decade or so. These business tools assist companies and communication teams in customer outreach, customer support, and marketing activities.

Properly utilizing these technologies results in many organization-wide benefits. Some of those benefits include higher customer satisfaction rates, personalized customer communication, better customer experience, and even operational efficiency and higher employee satisfaction rates. Therefore, implementing these tools and the best practices that go with them is really a no-brainer.Continue Reading..

How to Use Creative Print Marketing to Boost Local Business

How to Use Creative Print Marketing to Boost Local BusinessThey say there is no such thing as a domestic market anymore. That is due to the rise of the global economy. As such, there has been a stronger emphasis, in recent years, on acquiring a share of the worldwide market. While a significant international economy is emerging, the value of local markets and local businesses is still very viable in the global landscape of 2020.

Print marketing might not sound like the splashiest marketing these days. That is true when compared to new-aged marketing campaigns that make use of multiple technologies and advanced techniques. However, there are many ways to integrate new aged marketing tactics into the age-old print marketing methods.Continue Reading..

How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print Marketing

How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print MarketingDo you have an IP targeting strategy? There are some trends and strategies that are fads. In other words, temporary. However, on the other side of things – some strategies or tactics become pillars, permanent fixtures of sorts. Print marketing, for example, is still one of the most effective marketing strategies in existence. The conversion metrics of print marketing speak for themselves. Yet, print marketing strategies can benefit from implementing updated tactics, like IP targeting.Continue Reading..

Print Marketing Statistics Show Print Is Still Valuable

Print Marketing Statistics Show Print Is Still Valuable“The pen is mightier than the sword.” The famous phrase penned by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, still carries its weight today nearly 200 years later. The written word is an art form, a medium, and a communication tool with an incredible array of capability. Print media and print marketing are prime examples of how powerful the written word can be. Print marketing statistics make the argument that print is still valuable.

Even in an age that is so incredibly digitally-integrated, print marketing maintains a hold on a portion of the market by driving significant marketing and conversion metrics.

While it’s crucial to focus on digital-integration and the implementation of technologies and software to improve access and reach, there is no reason to abandon print marketing efforts.Continue Reading..

3 Types of Special Effects on Packaging

3 Types of Special Effects Finishes on PackagingIn marketing, we are taught to remember and revere the 4 Ps of the marketing mix, product, place, price, and promotion. Of course, packaging also plays a crucial role here. With that in mind, consider all of the print material that brands produce. Almost everything they print is imbued with their brand colors. But what about special effects? Here are some helpful tips for printing special effects.Continue Reading..

The Importance of Sustainable Printing

The Importance of Sustainable PrintingThe business world has been tightening its purse strings. The pandemic is not the only reason for this. Traditionally, businesses have pushed for efficiency at every turn. More recently, the business community has been responding to the mounting pressures regarding environmental responsibility. Between the drive for efficiency and environmental sustainability, firms have been embracing both. Here’s what you should know about the rising significance of sustainable printing.Continue Reading..

How Color Variation Can Hurt Sales

How Color Variation Can Hurt SalesBrands face incredible challenges when it comes to building recognition in today’s broad global market. One wrong move can hurt sales. With so many people vying for attention online, in print, and every other advertising medium, you have to put in the extra effort to get your name out there. More challenging still is figuring out how to retain those customers after you’ve got their business. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of color consistency in branding and why any variation can decrease your sales.Continue Reading..

Picking the Right Balance of Digital and Print Marketing

Picking the Right Balance of Digital and Print MarketingIs print dead? Not quite. Both digital and print marketing hold value in the growth of one’s business.

The Relevance of Digital and Print Marketing Today

Most business owners concentrate on digital marketing. In 2018, 83 percent of businesses believed their online marketing was on track. A presence on multiple digital channels is the new cornerstone of a marketing strategy for businesses. That means 81% rely on social media, 78% on websites. Also, 69% on email, 55% on display ads, 53% on mobile apps, and 53% on content marketing.Continue Reading..