How Print Plays a Role in Your Marketing Automation

How Print Plays a Role in Your Marketing AutomationEvolution is the further development of something that already exists. That is unlike invention, which is the creation of something from nothing. As such, new business practices are often evolutions and further developments in pre-existing tactics and strategies. Print marketing, for example, is a tried and true method of marketing. However, implementing technology and new aged business tactics into print marketing elevates the marketing strategy. One such innovation in recent years is marketing automation.

Marketing automation and customer communication management software came into the limelight over the past decade or so. These business tools assist companies and communication teams in customer outreach, customer support, and marketing activities.

Properly utilizing these technologies results in many organization-wide benefits. Some of those benefits include higher customer satisfaction rates, personalized customer communication, better customer experience, and even operational efficiency and higher employee satisfaction rates. Therefore, implementing these tools and the best practices that go with them is really a no-brainer.

Where Print Marketing Fits Into Automation

Print marketing and automation, however, don’t seem very compatible at first glance. Look a little deeper, though, and it becomes clear that print marketing’s success rate paired with the elevating power of automation and target-marketing is a match made in marketing heaven.

Print marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies that businesses employ. That is due to a variety of factors that relate to the way we receive and embrace communication.

See, while consumers often rebuff and ignore digital ads and virtual marketing campaigns, households are much more likely to open print marketing material received in the mail. Getting in front of the consumer and grasping their attention is the first objective of any marketing material.

The fact that consumers are more readily willing to embrace and engage with print marketing material already gives it an advantage over other marketing styles. Furthering this point, the average consumer will completely ignore marketing emails in comparison to email marketing campaigns. Even worse, consumers are quick to mark anything that looks like a junk email as spam.

Therefore, if your business’s marketing emails get marked as spam, your communication line to that customer is completely severed. Losing the communication line to the customer or consumer is one of the worst things that can happen, limiting a company’s ability to engage consumers further.

With print marketing automation, however, the chances of the consumer opening and engaging with the material is much higher.

Optimizing Print Marketing Through Automation

Implementing marketing automation technology into your business or organization will elevate the marketing strategy to the next level. Sophisticated marketing automation technology allows companies to send hyper-personalized print marketing material directly to customers and consumers’ doorstep.

The technology defines these sub-target-markets by reading data and information that it receives from a variety of sources. Then, employees can create recyclable templates that use business-logic for various use-cases and customer touchpoints.

The system can then auto-generate appropriate and hyper-personalized messaging and print marketing material based on an individual’s specific position in the customer journey.


Many benefits stem from evolving and developing old tactics into newer, improved strategies. Bring your print marketing strategy to the next level by implementing marketing automation technology, and see the results unfold before your own eyes. Implementing a strong CCM and marketing automation strategy will elevate your customer experience, boost operational efficiency, and even improve employee satisfaction.

You’re probably reading about all of the innovation with marketing automation. You’ve probably even tested some of the opportunities. But don’t overlook the ways you can combine these efforts with print marketing for even greater returns.