3 Color Management Challenges with a Global Supply Chain

The domestic economy began to end at the onset of the era of technology and information. With that end came the beginning of a much more global economy that is both intertwined and inter-connected. While the shift from a domestic economy to a global one bridged the world in a whole new way, it also brought on its fair share of new obstacles. The supply chain for nearly every industry has been disrupted. Color management, for example, is one industry that faced a brand new set of challenges.

Color management is the systematic conversion of color-perception and representation across different devices. In other words, ensuring that the same shade of blue appears on the website, as does on the mobile version. Or that green retains its shade from digital to print.

Color management is a practice that yields more consistency in the way your brand represents itself to the consumer. In turn, color management drives impactful metrics like customer loyalty, customer trust, and brand perception.Continue Reading..

How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print Marketing

How to Use IP Targeting Strategy with Print MarketingDo you have an IP targeting strategy? There are some trends and strategies that are fads. In other words, temporary. However, on the other side of things – some strategies or tactics become pillars, permanent fixtures of sorts. Print marketing, for example, is still one of the most effective marketing strategies in existence. The conversion metrics of print marketing speak for themselves. Yet, print marketing strategies can benefit from implementing updated tactics, like IP targeting.Continue Reading..

Print Marketing Statistics Show Print Is Still Valuable

Print Marketing Statistics Show Print Is Still Valuable“The pen is mightier than the sword.” The famous phrase penned by Edward Bulwer-Lytton in 1839, still carries its weight today nearly 200 years later. The written word is an art form, a medium, and a communication tool with an incredible array of capability. Print media and print marketing are prime examples of how powerful the written word can be. Print marketing statistics make the argument that print is still valuable.

Even in an age that is so incredibly digitally-integrated, print marketing maintains a hold on a portion of the market by driving significant marketing and conversion metrics.

While it’s crucial to focus on digital-integration and the implementation of technologies and software to improve access and reach, there is no reason to abandon print marketing efforts.Continue Reading..

3 Great Ways to Reward Your Remote Teams

3 Great Ways to Reward Your Remote TeamsIn the era of COVID-19, the business landscape has already shifted dramatically. With many companies planning a remote work strategy for the remainder of the year, and well into 2021, teams are more scattered than ever before. At least geographically speaking. In light of this, remote teams being successful in completing projects pose managers and team leaders with a new set of hurdles to clear.

Even in the face of worldwide tragedy, the American people have proven themselves resilient. As such, many teams are still working at close to 100% capacity, meeting project objectives, and performing above expectations. Here are three ways to reward your remote teams.Continue Reading..

3 Benefits of Using IP Targeting For Better Marketing

3 Benefits of Using IP Targeting For Better MarketingThe marketing industry is swimming with buzzwords. New terms seemingly pop up every day or week. At the same time, some are consistently evolving. That is the case with target marketing, as marketing professionals can whittle down target markets to as small as a single person. IP Targeting is one of the latest advances in the world of marketing and hyper-personalized customer communications.

IP targeting takes the same principle as geo-fencing and evolves it to the next level. Geo-fencing groups IP addresses together by region, whereas IP targeting matches individual names and physical addresses with their associated IP address.Continue Reading..

How to Improve Your Brand Colors During a Rebrand

How to Improve Your Brand Colors During a RebrandIf branding relates to the color, tone, logo, and general consumer perception of any individual organization, then how does a company even begin to approach something like rebranding? More importantly, why? What happens to colors during a rebrand and other brand-elements?

Well, there’s no one-reason a company or organization chooses to rebrand. Rather, there’s a myriad of situations and circumstances that could lead organizational leaders to find a rebrand beneficial and/or necessary. One of the main components of both branding and rebranding, however, is color.Continue Reading..

3 Instagram Tips to Make Your Company Stand Out

Free Online Presence Analysis ReportBusinesses developing a presence on Instagram know that it’s tough to stand out from the crowd. If you’re just starting to use Instagram and build a presence, standing out will be even harder. This is not to say that it’s going to be impossible. With a few savvy tips and a little creativity, you can make your company stand out on Instagram.Continue Reading..

How to Write an Email Newsletter That is Interesting and Engaging

How to Write an Email Newsletter That is Interesting and EngagingThe best email newsletters lead to clicks, additional engagement, and drive real business metrics. While every company would like to think that their newsletter stands out, this is hardly the case. The majority of newsletters clog up email inboxes, and that results in lost subscribers. Learning how to write a newsletter that is both interesting and engaging can drive a whole slew of real business metrics related to both the bottom line and brand perception.

There are many elements involved in composing an effective newsletter. Understanding each, and the role it has in creating an engaging newsletter that drives business metrics is crucial to developing a well-written and exciting email newsletter.Continue Reading..

5 Signs Your Marketing Is Targeting the Wrong Audience

5 Signs You're Marketing Is Targeting the Wrong AudienceCould the answer to your marketing woes be that you’re targeting the wrong audience? In marketing, you must be reaching the right audience. When marketing efforts fail to reach the desired audience, businesses lose money. It seems obvious and straightforward. But when you’re marketing something, you have to consider what type of customer could and should be buying it. But even if you know that information, your efforts can still miss the mark, especially if you and your team don’t match the same profile as your target audience.

Here are the five signs that you’re targeting the wrong audience.Continue Reading..

When Digital and Print Colors Don’t Match

When Web And Print Colors Don't MatchSome people don’t realize the real importance of color management until it’s too late. If, for example, your digital colors don’t match print, you’ve got a problem. Getting digital colors to match what’s on printed media can be exceedingly tricky. Audits are complicated too, yet we must comply. When digital and print colors don’t match, you need to correct the discrepancy before customers catch on. Here’s a breakdown of why it’s so crucial that your brand colors match.Continue Reading..