How to Choose the Right Marketing Channels

How to Choose the Right Marketing ChannelsMarketing in today’s market is more challenging than ever before. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has created a massive change in the way that we advertise. The changes brought on by the pandemic can be expected to continue for some time. That’s why you must choose the right marketing channels for your brand.

What are the right channels for you and your brand?

Let’s dive into a few key things to know…

#1. Know Your Brand

Before you even start thinking about which marketing channels to use, you need to develop a deep understanding and purpose with your brand. If you don’t understand your brand, then you won’t know how to leverage marketing channels in its favor properly.

You don’t just need to understand your brand; you need to know your niche. Who does your brand appeal to? What sorts of people resonate with your brand the most? Are they young, old, or middle-aged? Are they tech-savvy?

#2. Know What’s Changed

The marketing channel landscape has been dramatically warped from the ravages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Before the pandemic, corporate responsibility and environmental sustainability had become marketing priorities. The public had grown weary of greedy corporations who make a mess of the planet. The change in taste was reflected in how advertising shifted to respond to these new concerns. Everyone was going green and kept bragging about how transparent their firms were.

Today, brands need to be sensitive to the environment, project transparency, and appear to be highly sensitive to how the pandemic has changed their customers’ lives. Let’s not forget, everything has to be custom as well, and we mean everything.

Pandemic aside, in the 1950s, brands could project any image they wanted while trampling over the environment. Doctors were advertising for cigarettes; it was a different time altogether.

If you want to succeed in today’s market, you need to respond to the demands of your customers and cater to their tastes.

#3. Know Your Audience

When choosing the right marketing channel for your brand, you need to know what will likely work for your brand. But you also need to know where your customers are spending their time.

For example, with billions using social media every day around the world, the various platforms are a must for any marketing campaign. Finding the right platform can be tricky, but once you’ve found it, it’ll pay off big time. Like it or not, Facebook is a must for any business these days. Make a Facebook page for your brand and ensure that it’s routinely updated.

LinkedIn is an excellent platform for recruiting talented new candidates for your brand. It’s also a savvy tool for networking with potential suppliers.

YouTube can also be used to get your brand noticed by millions. Keep in mind. However, this takes skill, strategy, and influence to be the right marketing channel for your brand. For new brands, it’s often best to partner with an established influencer whose personality fits your brand. Authenticity is paramount, so the influencer must mesh well with your brand for the campaign to succeed.

Additionally, traditional channels may offer access to your audience. Print and chivalry share something in common; they’re not dead. While customers have been flocking for anything digital, there are still some die-hards out there that prefer print content, especially when it comes to magazines. The magazines that have survived in print did so for a reason. Those are the ones that you should be placing ads in.


New and established brands have difficulty getting attention today. You need to build traction before your marketing efforts begin to pay off. This is easier said than done. Every business has its nuances and goals. There are many opportunities. It may be worth testing many things for a while to see where you gain the most traction.

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