The Most Effective Colors For Rebranding In 2020

The Most Effective Colors For Rebranding In 2020Rebranding is a sensitive undertaking. When a brand commits to such a dramatic change, it’s imperative to get it right. One of the most critical aspects of rebranding is color. The colors you choose to put forward will play a key role in determining the success of the company after being rebranded. Here’s an overview of some of the most effective rebranding colors for 2020.

The Risks of Rebranding

When a company decides to rebrand itself, there will be several challenges and risks involved. For one thing, customers may not respond to the new brand colors and other details as eagerly as before. Reinventing a brand can come off as disingenuous or betray a customer’s sense of nostalgia when the colors they’ve associated with the brand for years have suddenly changed.

The decision to rebrand a company is not a light one. That said, it can be extremely beneficial when it’s done right.

Most Effective Colors for 2020

Blue, red, grayscale, and yellow are currently among the top brand colors for 2020. The percentage of leading brands that are using these colors this year is 35%, 30, 23%, and 20%, respectively. That makes all four of these colors extremely popular among top brands. But does it mean that you should use them when rebranding your own company this year? As long as your brand is unique from other businesses using these colors, they’re fair game, and they can help the rebranding process a more successful one.

On the other hand, what if you want to be even more unique? For companies looking to stand out, you might want to check out the colors on the lower end of the spectrum. The rarest brand colors for top companies in 2020 include, green and purple, with purple comprising only 1%. The only challenge with picking a color that’s used by top companies less frequently is to make sure that it resonates with customers.

The Psychology Behind Picking the Right Colors for Rebranding

There’s a distinct psychological element to and decision involving brand colors, especially when it comes to rebranding. Now that you know the most and least frequently used colors among top companies, you need to think about which ones would best suit your brand’s new look.

Do you want to be bold, unique, sleek, elegant, exciting, or classical? Once you answer questions like these, you’ll have a much better idea of which colors will be most effective.

Styling Notes for Rebranding in 2020

There are some trends that you can follow for rebranding in 2020. Popular styles include the use of line art, strong typography, swooshes, geometric framing, and playful minimalism. Connect the dots is another popular styling scheme, especially among tech companies.

Combining the right new colors with appropriate styling is key to success when rebranding a business. With the right combination of colors and styling, your business can benefit from rebranding and reach more customers than before.

Making the Best Decisions

To make the best decision for rebranding your business, you need to seek out the expertise of a color management company. While there’s an artistic element to choosing the right colors for rebranding a company, it takes many years of specialized experience and proven technique to get the best results.

Once you’ve chosen new brand colors, you’re ready to spin your brand around and re-present it to the world. If you’ve done everything right, you should get a lot more business than you had before and grow faster than ever.

Your brand colors are critical to the success of your business; make sure you get it right. Do the smart thing and consult with a color management company for the best results.

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