Establishing Your Brand’s Personality Across Platforms

Establishing Your Brand's Personality Across All PlatformsCapturing attention in today’s competitive market is difficult. With so many different platforms out there, gaining attention is even harder. Here are some tips for establishing your brand’s personality across all platforms.

It’s About More Than Getting Attention

One thing that’s important for brands to understand is that marketing is about more than getting attention. For a brand to be truly successful, it has to have a distinct personality. That personality has to be designed to appeal to your customer base.

As a brand, you need to remember that social media is a community. Being too direct with advertisements can be off-putting. You need a brand personality that can keep customers engaged on social media. Instead of placing an ad, you need to start conversations.

Developing a Brand Personality

Your brand personality is one of the single most important factors in your brand’s success aside from the products themselves. If your brand voice doesn’t match the products or vice versa, it won’t appeal to customers.

Think about some of the most iconic brands out there and what their personalities are. Balenciaga is bold, creative, and daring. Clover Valley is comparatively basic and focuses on economy.

Finding the right personality for your brand depends on factors like what you sell and who you sell it to. For brands targeting young customers, the brand should develop a zany personality. If your customers are high-end, they’ll want a brand that can sound high-brow. If your customers are utilitarian and value economy, they will want a brand that’s no-nonsense and highlights low prices.

Before going through the effort and expense to market a brand, you need to have a clear idea of what that brand should sound like. Should your brand sound formal, bold, helpful, or direct? These are all questions that must be answered well before you begin marketing the brand in earnest.

Brand Personality and Social Media Platforms

Many business owners aren’t highly experienced with platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. The benefits of using these platforms to advertise a brand are incredible and offer great potential.

To get the best results, you’ll need to partner with a digital marketing firm. Digital marketing pros know social media platforms.


Once you have attention from customers, you have to be consistent to keep it. With so many different platforms, being consistent has some challenges of its own.

Customers will notice major differences in a brand’s personality between platforms. These differences can make customers uneasy. The biggest issue is that it will make the brand look disorganized or worse, dishonest. That’s because those differences will sound unnatural.

There are several strategies that you can use to help ensure a consistent brand personality across different platforms. First of all, you need to incorporate an introduction to brand personality during onboarding. Anyone coming into roles that revolve around social media or digital marketing needs to have a solid understanding of the brand’s personality.

There should also be some measure of collaboration between the people in copywriting and the people managing the brand’s social media presence.

The bottom line is that the people behind your brand’s voice need to understand the brand. And also communicate uniformity across different platforms.

Also remember that while consistency is important, you also have to establish a unique voice to stand out.

Partnering with a Digital Marketing Agency

The best way to establish your brand personality across all platforms is to partner with a digital marketing agency. You need to establish a brand voice. Then the digital marketing firm can do the rest. They will take that brand personality and express it across all platforms.

Digital marketing firms can make the process easy because of their experience with social media platforms.

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