3 Direct Mail Strategies When Using Marketing Automation

Don't Overlook 3 Direct Mail Strategies When Using Marketing Automation

There is a lot of talk these days about marketing automation. However, it mostly focuses on online marketing activities of a business. While a lot of activity happens online, it isn’t the only route for prospects to begin their purchasing path. And for this, you might need to get off the computer and interact with your prospects using other marketing channels.

Another consideration is how many interactions, or touch points it takes to convert a prospective client. Only 2% of customers converted with one interaction, while 80% convert after their fifth and before their 12th communication.

Supporting Online Marketing

The rise of online marketing has often led to many businesses concluding that direct mail is no longer useful – however, it is still highly effective if used correctly. In fact, research in the UK has found that direct mail appeals to a different part of the brain that retains information more easily. And because fewer businesses are using direct mail today, you have a higher chance of being noticed compared to in the busy digital marketing world.

Therefore, direct mail can be utilized as part of your digital marketing automation and be valuable. Here are three strategies to consider using in your business to make the most of your direct mail.

1. Opt-in

The latest technologies are increasing the value of the opt-in, and direct mail is at the front of this. Using opt-ins on direct mail for email lists or apps can help you determine who is interested in your content and what has grabbed their attention.

Send out your direct mail with a custom URL (PURL) on it. When the prospect goes to that page, they are given the option of providing their details. If you use a unique page for each direct mail campaign, you can see which is working best and use the findings to strategize future marketing efforts further.

The prospects on a list developed this way will be more engaged and likely easier to convert than those that have just randomly landed on your website.

2. Send Upon Activity

Marketing automation is all about getting to the prospect at the right time. So, why not have some direct mail sent out automatically when they reach a particular stage within the sales cycle?

It means you can focus your direct mail’s content on one particular aspect and appeal to their current needs. It is likely then to be read more and earn you greater interest in your content and product. Monitoring when this happens can be difficult, but as long as you have the right software in place, you can make it part of your process.

You can even personalize the content by mentioning what activity initiated you sending the content and include personal details that you have saved within your CRM.

3. Re-Engagement Content

Not heard from a customer for awhile? Then why not send them some direct mail to entice them to come back to you? They may have just gotten too busy to remember you, but just a slight nudge might just encourage them to reconnect with you and continue in the sales process.

You could even entice them back with a special one-off discount or deal. Whatever you feel might give them the push to continue with your brand.

You should also mention that you have noticed they haven’t been in contact with you for a while. It can sometimes pay also to appeal to their ego and state that you’ve missed them. Even though most instinctively know that this is just a marketing ploy, it still works on a psychological level.


Direct mail is not dead and should be part of your marketing strategy. It is a good way to engage with your audience and convert them when traditional digital marketing can’t do it alone.

Speak to Mann & Co. about your marketing automation needs and how direct mail can be integrated into it.

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