10 Stats Showing the Importance of Email Marketing

10 Stats Showing the Importance of Email Marketing

Why is email marketing so effective?

Email marketing is an integral part of your online sales process. Businesses that rely on email can often find that they are generating leads at a higher rate and cheaper cost than those relying on more aggressive tactics. Here are ten statistics to demonstrate its importance to your business.

1. Email Messages Have a Longer Lifespan

How many Facebook messages or tweets can you see in ten minutes? Lots. And what happens after about 20 minutes? They’re all gone.

Email marketing messages are active in the user’s inbox until they are deleted. So, the message could be there for days or even weeks, which could help sell your products for much longer than any tweet or social media update.

2. Customers Prefer Emails For Marketing Communications

According to HubSpot, 77% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages by email. Another study by Merkle found that 74% of consumers prefer email over other forms of communication.

The more eager the consumer is to receive messages by email marketing, the more likely a sale will be achieved.

3. Users Are More Active

91% of email users check their mailboxes daily. It is in comparison to 11% of Twitter users and 66% of Facebook users.

It means that when a message is sent on Twitter, there is a higher chance of it being seen by your audience within an appropriate time via email. For instance, flash sale news on Twitter will only be seen by a small fraction of your followers – but the same message on email will be viewed by the majority of them.

4. Shoppers Love Email Coupons

According to a Nielsen study, 27% of U.S. shoppers will subscribe to a store or product email list to save money. Surveys by Shop.org and Deloitte also found that 64-65% of consumers have printed out and used grocery coupons to save money.

Using emails to reach customers is an excellent way to reach bargain hunters.

5. Email is Popular on Mobile Devices

Mobile phone development has made email marketing at the center of our lives. A study by IDC found that email is more prevalent on mobile devices and smartphones than web browsing or Facebook. According to their findings, 78% of 18-44 years olds check emails on the go, compared to 73% browsing the web and 70% checking their Facebook.

6. Email Marketing Performs

Of all online sales, email marketing is the referrer in 13%. It compares to just 1% in social media. Only direct website visitors and organic searching perform better.

With 13 times more sales achieved through social media, you can afford to invest more in their development and to send.

7. 100% Can Receive Your Email Messages

Facebook only allows 16% of your fans to see your promotional content unless you pay for it. In comparison, email marketing messages can be received by 100% of your email marketing list, as long as you follow the ‘anti-marketing game.’

8. Email Marketing Can Be a Significant Source of Income

Research has found that 20% of marketers believe their business’ primary source of income is from email marketing campaigns. As email can be so cost-effective, it helps companies to generate considerable revenue with a significant profit margin.

9. Consumers Buy From Emails

According to research, 66% of consumers have made an online purchase as a direct result of receiving an email message. This figure is even higher when studies have looked at mobile purchasing (70%). Therefore, 66% of those on your list are potential purchasers.

Only 40% of social media users have purchased because of content they’ve seen.

10. Generate Quality Leads

40% of B2B marketers rate the leads generated by email marketing activities as high quality. By using automated email workflows, you can turn prospects into paying customers and know when to speak to email subscribers on the phone or send personal email messages.


Email marketing is highly effective. It can tell you when a prospect is ready to talk, is more receptive than social media messages, and can turn prospects into paying customers. How you use email marketing is the central question.

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