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How SEO & Print Work Together

How SEO & Print Work TogetherAt first glance, digital and physical marketing may appear to be two separate entities.

But they can and do intersect. Using them together can help you craft a unique nurturing experience for your leads. It can amplify your marketing. And it has never been easier to implement an elegant strategy thanks to advancements in tech.

The connection between SEO and print marketing may seem esoteric. The goal of SEO is to rank for targeted keywords, preferably in the first position of search results. The purpose of print marketing is to build awareness for your business and products, inform your leads, and with any luck, convert them into customers.

When you consider how content marketing works, it’s not hard to see how the two worlds connect. SEO is built on quality content as much as it is on website hierarchy structure, mobile friendliness, and load times. Relevant content is what drives visitors to visit a particular page.

Your print material is also a form of content, though it may be brief by comparison. It may only contain a few lines of sales copy and a call-to-action. But if you make a convincing enough case, your leads will be compelled to visit your website to find out more.

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Win Back Unsubscribers with Personalized Direct Mail

Win Back Unsubscribers with Personalized Direct MailPeople unsubscribe from email lists every day, for a variety of reasons.

However, you can’t help but think, if they were so interested in the content, why did they decide to unsubscribe?

Unsubscribers aren’t something to be taken personally. I know it can still feel demoralizing at times to see people leave your list.

After all, there is always money in the list.Continue Reading..

Why Direct Mail Is Perfect For Marketing Automation

Why Direct Mail & Print Are Perfect For Marketing AutomationMany businesses utilize direct mail and print materials to market their products.

Certainly, since the emergence of the internet, there has been some oscillation between online and offline marketing strategies. But just because certain companies are no longer using specific channels doesn’t mean they aren’t effective anymore. There could even be some missed opportunities if you ignore offline channels.

Technology has made marketing more efficient and targeted than ever. And interestingly, old-school methods can be enhanced by new-school tech. Marketing automation and direct mail are perfect examples.Continue Reading..

The Difference Between Email Marketing & Direct Mail

The Difference Between Email Marketing & Direct MailThe world of marketing can sometimes be a little confusing. Today, thanks to the internet and mobile devices, there are more channels through which you can promote your business than ever before.

Online, there’s social media, advertising, SEO, email, among many others. Offline, there’s signage, word-of-mouth, telesales, direct mail, just to name a few.

More and more companies are integrating their online and offline marketing efforts. It is wise, especially when you consider the different ways your target audience can discover and interact with you.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the difference between email marketing and direct mail.Continue Reading..

5 Direct Mail Campaigns That Still Work Incredibly Well

5 Direct Mail Campaigns That Still Work Incredibly Well

Could a handwritten note be part of your next direct mail campaign?

Direct mail campaigns are still effective at marketing your business. They create a physical reminder of your business, its products/services, and ethics. The easier it is for your prospects and leads to remembering you, the faster they will complete their journey through your sales funnel.

The question is, what direct mail campaigns will work for your business and attract your target audience? Here are five options that work incredibly well for you to try:Continue Reading..