5 Direct Mail Campaigns That Still Work Incredibly Well

5 Direct Mail Campaigns That Still Work Incredibly Well

Could a handwritten note be part of your next direct mail campaign?

Direct mail campaigns are still effective at marketing your business. They create a physical reminder of your business, its products/services, and ethics. The easier it is for your prospects and leads to remembering you, the faster they will complete their journey through your sales funnel.

The question is, what direct mail campaigns will work for your business and attract your target audience? Here are five options that work incredibly well for you to try:

1. Hand-Written Notes

Old school is sometimes best. A handwritten note is not just unique; it is personal, and people love it. There are three essential aspects to include in your direct mail:

  • A Special Offer – that is targeted and relevant to the customer.
  • A Deadline – Don’t give them too long, one or two weeks at most.
  • A Follow Up – Each direct mail campaign needs to have at least three mailings. Make each one unique and creative.

Ensure that with each offer; you are tracking the results. Use unique web addresses, codes or coupons to track how many responses you are getting. That can be valuable information for future campaigns.

2. Flyers

While not original, and certainly not unique, a quality crafted flyer can certainly help your business get noticed when sending direct mail. There are many advantages to a flyer. First, you can clearly communicate your brand and central message. Second, they are cheap to produce in large quantities. Finally, you can put a call-to-action on them to encourage user action.

There are also some disadvantages, such as lack of personality, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be considered. Here are some tips to make them more useful:

  • Have a QR code or unique URL to help track campaign success.
  • Match your brand image with the flyer.
  • The more unique they are, the better they will stand out to your audience.
  • Customize your flyers and segment your audience, sending different versions with different offers to each segmented group.

3. USB Drives

Everyone loves to receive a gift, and USB drives are perfect for this. Nearly every person has a use for them. That is why a USB is almost universal, where mouse pads used to be. You can put information directly related to your brand, on the USB.

Also, USBs are small and can easily be sent to your prospects.

4. LuxeBoxx

Using a LuxeBoxx is one of the most effective ways to connect with your audience. You can send a combination of gifts that match your brand’s values and products. They can help to create a lot of goodwill between you and your prospects and develop a tangible and relevant way to remind them of your brand.

For instance, including a key fob for a car dealership can remind prospects of that business every time they use their keys.

5. Read with Water Only

To support World Water Day, Green Belgium sent out a direct mail campaign that included a card that looked almost blank. Only when the card was held under water was the copy revealed, sharing their message that water is the source of all knowledge.

This piece is highly engaging and can be used in many different variations; for example:

  • Copy that can only be read under a UV light.
  • A code that is only visible when the message is held in the dark.
  • A spy code someone has to decipher to claim their voucher.


Direct mail is still very useful. However, you will need the best campaigns to remind the prospect of your brand, products/services. Use one of the five options above, monitor the long-term results and see how it can generate significant sales for your business.

Have you ever tried any of the options we recommend?

What were the results?

Let us know in the comments below.

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