Being a Thought Leader on LinkedIn

Being a Thought Leader on LinkedInBusinesses are always looking for attention. More specifically, they are always looking for ways to get attention. Savvy marketers know that social media is one of the best channels for building an audience. Here’s what you should know about establishing yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn.

Why LinkedIn?

You might be wondering why we’re not telling you to establish yourself as a thought leader on Facebook or Twitter, and that’s a valid question. Both Facebook and Twitter have their own place in social media marketing. They can both be very useful in growing your business, but they’re also built for specific purposes. Think of social media platforms as tools. The trick is to use the right tool for each job.

Facebook connects you to the hearts and minds of consumers. LinkedIn, on the other hand, connects you to the professional world. That means that LinkedIn is a specific tool that can help you make an impact on the business community. This can be a huge advantage as a thought leader when sourcing suppliers, courting retail outlets, etc.

With Thought Leadership, Market Yourself

The quality of your LinkedIn profile is essential for anyone looking to establish themselves as a thought leader. That means you will have to go above and beyond the bare minimum. Think of it this way. Instead of just filling out all the boxes on your profile, you need to use each of those boxes to highlight your accomplishments in some way. You can and should leverage as much of your profile page as possible to make yourself look and sound like a thought leader. Better yet, focus on yourself as a thought leader whose value is already established. 

One of the single most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile is your headline. This is your shot to use a slogan that sticks. Think of it as a billboard to showcase both your brand and your own professional expertise. 

As a Thought Leader, More Content

Once you’ve got a stellar LinkedIn profile setup, you’ll need to start producing content, lot’s of it. The best way to reach people on LinkedIn and get them engaged is to start cranking out articles on relevant topics. Keep in mind however, it’s quality, not content that is King. Focus on quality and outshining the fluff that your competitors are posting onto the platform. 

As a thought leader, the focus, of course, should be on establishing yourself as a voice of authority that professionals will want to listen to. 

Don’t expect results overnight. Building engagement through LinkedIn posts is a gradual process. You can, of course, help speed things along with strategic paid ads. 

Socialize and Join Groups to Build Connections

At the end of the day, LinkedIn is still a social media platform, so get social! Make as many relevant connections as possible and join groups. This will help you gain traction on the platform and find people to engage with you. It will also serve as the lifeblood of the articles you post as more of your connections begin to read and share them.

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