How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy

How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy When You're Under Short-Term Pressure

Get your long term sales better with a plan B and confidence!

When your sales are down, it can often be tempting to make quick sales to generate enough revenue for the month or to meet monthly targets. However, this can be a mistake and will just lead to greater struggles the next month. This hand-to-mouth style of generating sales is not good for your business. It can increase stress that will lower your morale as well as the staff. Therefore, you should develop a long-term sales strategy.

There is one thing that will outshine everything; it is the personality of a salesperson. People buy from people, so you have to concentrate on building relationships with your clients. It will help you improve your ratio to close deals within any given month, which will help you meet higher targets, long term.

So what advice is there?

Relax and be Confident

Stress and panic in a salesperson are not going to look professional to your prospects. Especially for long-term sales. Instead, think of each sales meeting as an opportunity, and be of that you will leave the meeting with the contract signed. It can help increase your chances of closing the deal.

Be Excited

Your prospects will be energized or disillusioned in what you have to offer by the mood you are in. If you are excited, then they will be too. It will help you build interest in your product, and the more interest that is created by your presentation and excitement, the greater the chance that you will be able to close the deal quickly.

Concentrate on the Long Term

Don’t focus on the short term goals; instead, concentrate on the needs of the customer and the long-term benefits. That’s a long-term sales strategy. You might need to sell another $10,000 to meet your monthly goals, but the customer might only want to spend another $2,000. However, if you can achieve that sale, you are closer to your goal, and the customer might then become a regular buyer, making future monthly targets easier to reach.

Establish Further Leads

Speak to your customers about who they think might also benefit from your products. It should also include new customers that you are bringing on as well. If they could recommend a customer to you, then you have cut the lead nurturing time down, especially if you can get an introduction from your new customer.

Handle Lost Opportunities Appropriately

Not every sales opportunity is going to be successful. Whether short or long-term sales efforts. You need to learn to be thick-skinned and walk away from lost opportunities still full of energy and excitement. Also, you should leave on good terms. You never know when they might be back for your product/service because they’ve realized they’ve made a mistake.

Streamline Your Sales Process

You might believe that you need every step of your sales process, but there might be some aspects within the process that are redundant. By taking these out, looking at the whole process, and seeing exactly what you need and what you don’t need, you can streamline your sales process and achieve higher sales sooner.


When your sales numbers drop, and you are under pressure to perform better, it can often cause you to panic. It is the worst thing that a salesperson can do, as it will neither help the short term nor the long term goals. Instead, slow business periods are opportunities to develop your business’ long-term sales strategy.

It is also important not to concentrate on one big sale. Slowly chip away at the monthly targets and develop customer relationships that will last a long time.


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