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Do You Need Website Development?

In 2000, 52% of people in the US used the Internet. Today, it’s 87%. (Source: Pew Research)

Times have changed for businesses. People go online to find information. The phone book is no longer as important. And even with a recommendation from a friend, people still go online to confirm the recommendation.

It’s now estimated that Google handles over five million searches per day. (Source: MarketingLand)

People are searching for all kinds of information online. The companies that provide that information can earn attention, trust, and new business. The way to win customers online is with a website.

Attracting Prospects to Your Website

A good business website first needs to attract prospects. You’ve probably heard of Search Engine Optimization or SEO. On-page SEO involves designing and developing the website so search engines, like Google, understand what the website offers.

On-page optimization includes:

  • SEO-Friendly URLs
  • Engaging Multimedia
  • Unique Content
  • Responsive Design
  • And more

It’s also important for your website to be fast and optimized for a good user experience on all devices. That means using responsive design to make it mobile and tablet-friendly.

Converting Prospects Into Customers

Attracting the right prospects to visit your website is the first half of the challenge. The second half is turning those prospects into customers.

Conversion begins with understanding what your prospects want — then determining how your business can fulfill that need.

From there, your website should take them through the sales process. Giving them the information they need before deciding to buy from you. This process involves writing content, but also includes design and development.

Complete Solution for Any Business

Our website designs are created for any business in any industry. We have a fast turn-around time with a competitive price point for your web design needs.

What you’ll be getting and more:

  • Premium mockup designs & high-quality creatives
  • SEO-friendly & mobile-responsive WordPress sites
  • Original & SEO-ready content
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