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Finding Your Place Online

With website design, it’s not a question of should you have a website, but what are you waiting for? Even if you have a site when was the last time you gave it a makeover? Your customers expect a high-quality, responsive, fast-loading website. If you can’t deliver, they’re off to see what the competition has to offer.

Currently, 89% of the US is online and 58% of the world uses the Internet ( Isn’t it time to find your place online and make a great first impression with every new visitor? With 3.5 billion daily Google searches (, people are searching more online than any other method. An optimized website means it’s easier for your customers to find you.

Modern, Optimized Website Design

Outdated sites give the wrong impression. Your business deserves a beautifully designed site that looks modern and professional, while still showcasing your brand’s personality and tone. Our website design services start the process with over 50 industry-specific mockups to ensure a more competitive site.

Of course, website design isn’t just about looks, it’s about creating a site that Google and visitors love. That’s why we also provide website optimization services, such as:

  • Responsive design – An essential into today’s mobile-first landscape. People don’t just search on desktops anymore. They use their smartphones and tablets. It’s so common, mobile-friendly is now a ranking factor in Google’s search algorithm. Sites using responsive design are mobile-friendly and rank higher on mobile search results. Plus, you’ll know you’re giving your visitors the optimal version of your site no matter what device they’re using.
  • Intuitive design – An easy to navigate site keeps visitors on your site longer. A lower bounce rate shows Google that your site is valuable to visitors. We use designs that are proven to help boost conversions through ideal content and element placement, such as designs that naturally lead the visitors’ eyes to calls-to-action.
  • Premium designs – We’ve created premium designs based upon industry research. These designs allow us to build an industry-specific site faster using proven designs to match what your target audience likes best. Plus, our creative approach ensures your site still looks unique.
  • SEO-Friendly URLs – Search engines look at URLs too. Having optimized URLs helps to bring even more organic traffic your way. Plus, visitors can quickly tell what each page of your site is about just from the URL.

Websites That Rank

Gaining new customers and leads shouldn’t take months or years. Start your brand’s website off right with a design that’s made to rank from day one. We work with you to build intricate websites that perfectly match your brand’s needs and goals. We even customize features to make it easier to measure results, such as including lead tracking. Every brand is different and while we may start with templates, we customize everything for your needs. Templates just give us a starting point so we can deliver your finished website faster.

Website designs that rank include design, content, and multimedia. We help with all three.

  • Web design – Start with a fully customized site made to guide your visitors from mildly interested to an engaged lead.
  • Content – Fill your site with SEO-friendly content written to inform and bring in more traffic naturally. We can also help with blogging services to keep your site filled with fresh content, which Google and site visitors love.
  • Images – People love images and videos. We’ll help get you started with high-quality stock images. Each image is optimized to help Google recognize the images and improve your site rank.
  • Landing pages – Want to better drive targeted traffic to your site? Start with custom landing pages and content. These are optimized to sell specific products and services or increase leads through sign-ups.

Website Design Process

When you contact us, we’ll start the website design process by first talking with you about your needs and goals. This helps us to design a starting mockup and proposal so you can see what your new website could look like.

Next, we’ll discuss our different website design packages. We offer several different options including:

  • Basic Website Design – This includes a WordPress-based site built from one of over 50 templates. You also get high-quality stock images, full SEO features, SEO plugins, and up to five web pages.
  • Website Design & Content – You not only get all the design and optimization features from the basic package but content for each of your five web pages.
  • Premium Website Design – If you need more customization, this is the package for you. Instead of just templates, we’ll fully customize the site based upon your specifications. This also includes content creation.
  • Landing Page Creation – If you already have a website or you just want to start with a landing page, our Landing Page package includes everything you need to rank quickly and increase conversions. This package includes a custom mockup designed per specifications. We also include custom content and analytics tools to track performance.

Now, it’s time for us to actually design and build your optimized website. Of course, we want you involved in this process. Website design is a collaborative process. We’ll send you updates and have you review everything. We work with you to ensure everything is right for your brand.

Finally, when your site is ready to launch, we’re right there with you. We know hiccups happen during launches, so we provide two full weeks of support once your site launches. So this is to make certain that everything works correctly.

We know you’re excited to get your business online with an impressive website designed to rank. That’s why we offer a fast turnaround along with affordable website design. The basic package can be ready in just three weeks.

Easy To Manage

Don’t worry if you’re not a website expert. We use WordPress for our designs. WordPress’s dashboard is easy to use and navigate. You’ll quickly learn to upload new content, add images and make small changes. When we hand over the site to you, you’ll definitely be able to manage it. You can even add in Google Analytics, a free Google tool, to keep track of your website’s stats.

So don’t wait! Get started with your new site today.


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