The Rise of Chatbots for Lead Generation

The Rise of Chatbots for Lead Generation (Are They Worth It?)Should you make chatbots a part of your “team”?

They seem to help with all kinds of things even when it comes to lead generation.

Maybe you’re a bit uneasy about how two of Facebook’s AI bots went rogue. They created their own language. One better than English to finish their task. Customers, though, are still curious by the idea of interacting with chatbots — all as a part of the brand and customer experience.

Recently, a Uberall survey reveals that 80% of customers have had a positive chatbot experience. 40% more are interested in trying out chatbot experiences with their favorite brands. In the Age of Technology, the rise of chatbots has been inevitable, but is the trend worth the effort?

Chatbots & Lead Generation

Past chatbot experiences left both customers wary. Brands are also careful about implementing the technology. Definitely on a more permanent basis. Companies feared chatbots would reign as gateways for spam rather than a quality experience. Consistent technological improvements have aided in the rise of this tech as well as the increase in familiarity.

More marketers agree that consumers want to engage with a branded chatbot. And that companies and consumers will find the experience is worth it, especially for lead gen. The Uberall survey shared that 39% of consumers still see room for improvement in the technology.

The Key is Customization

You must meet the demands of your customers. Before they buy, they want to know you have the supply. The key is in chatbot customization. With branded chatbots that know their stuff locally.

Consumers want to be engaged with location-based deals and coupons. 55% of potential customers said they were likely to try this option. In general, 38% of consumers want to see brands use chatbots to share coupons, promotions, and deals. That’s over customer service. Additionally, consumers want to see location-centered lead gen:

  • Store locations/hours near me (17%)
  • Personalized product recommendations (7%)
  • Option to directly buying an item (6%)

Survey says, or instead suggests, that branded chatbots have efficient use within lead gen. But go a step further — and successfully — by tailoring a relevant experience for each visitor to offer measurable value that leads to loyalty. In that case, yes, the trend is worth the effort.

More Brands Buying in Reduce Friction

By 2020, 80% of businesses plan to use a chatbot platform, and they are poised to cut business costs by $8 billion in 2020. Currently, 63% of consumers prefer to message a chatbot to communicate in general with a company. Here’s the obvious: more brands are buying into chatbots.

Salesforce indicates that customers only visit 1.7 pages before moving on to another site. The goal for branded company websites is to function less like a complicated business card. And also more efficiently. All to get consumers the information they need, and STAT.

Friction kills sales. Businesses start with the goal to reduce friction and communicate more efficiently. And specifically with the customer when they invest in chatbots. This boosts their lead gen. For example, when Ipswitch introduced chatbots to their sales flow. The company earned $2.7 million in just seven months.

This tech improves the engagement process and its speed during lead gen by answering simple questions. And also offering leads with meaning and value. Friction reduces. The consumer can relax their shoulders without feeling the pressure of a sales pitch. Businesses witness a boost in their lead generation.

It feels like a trend. But chatbots in lead gen are an inevitable evolution.  As with anything in tech advancement, there are improvements to be made. Yes, it’s worth it to invest in chatbots for lead generation. Also for other efforts within your company’s processes including support. Even with internal communication as long as you match the bot to your local brand to meet demands.

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