A Single Marketing Medium Could Hurt Your Brand

A Single Marketing Marketing Could Hurt Your BrandMarketing is changing fast to adapt to the demands of consumers. A single marketing medium is quickly becoming not enough.

There may have been a time when you could jump on one marketing medium and drive business results from it. But it’s getting to the point where most consumers are looking to engage with businesses in many ways. Especially before they make a purchase decision.

Building your brand requires more effort and precision than ever before. You must create a consistent experience across many channels. It will help your leads understand the value of what you offer.

Here are several reasons depending on a single marketing medium could hurt your brand.

Your Audience Wants to Connect with You

According to QuadWrangle, 73% of consumers use multiple engagement channels in their interactions with a single preferred retailer.

You may have some visitors or leads that only engage with you in one way. But most of your audience is probably trying to connect with you in multiple ways. Whether you know it or not. Not knowing may be a sin of omission, but it could be impacting your business in ways you don’t yet recognize.

Imagine your leads wanting to connect with you on Twitter – only, you don’t have a Twitter profile. It may seem like a small thing, but that alone could ruin an opportunity with many potential customers. And, you might have a solution that could change their world.

It’s crucial for businesses to entertain the idea that their leads and customers want to interact with them. In some ways, using different devices, and not just one marketing medium. From this perspective, it becomes less of a chore, and more of a way to serve and add value to the world. Developing a cohesive strategy may prove challenging, but it’s worth the effort.

You Could Be Missing Opportunities

So, you now know that your audience wants to connect with you on multiple platforms using different devices. Naturally, you should assume missed opportunity if you know this. And you aren’t creating a way for consumers to connect with you in the ways they prefer.

There’s virtually no company that would consider revenue unimportant. But the increased costs of multichannel marketing can also seem intimidating.

These days, there are so many ways to create a presence on multiple channels without spending a lot of money. You can take advantage of in-demand services, outsourcers, freelancers, agencies, automation tools and a great deal more. So, don’t balk at the added costs. Problem-solve. Ultimately, your efforts could pay off in the form of surplus revenue.

And, you don’t necessarily need to create a robust presence on every channel up front. Although, that should be your long-term goal.

You Could End up Losing a Traffic Source

There are many online marketing channels you can take advantage of. But most businesses end up becoming reliant on just one marketing medium.

And, in many cases, this happens to be SEO. But because algorithms are continually updated, you never know when your website’s traffic could take a plunge.

It’s shortsighted to only be using one marketing channel because you never know when it might go away. And, it will more than likely be because of circumstances beyond your control.

Many businesses become single-source dependent. So, diversifying your marketing activity has practical benefits too.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, it would help if you always studied your audience to determine how they’re looking to connect with you. You can talk to them, survey them, analyze their behavior based on the data available to you, and more.

In some cases, your business may not benefit tremendously from multichannel marketing. But it’s still a good idea to consider, even if it’s just to mitigate the risk of single-source dependence.

Are you using more than one marketing channel? How are you building your brand?

Let us know in the comments below.

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