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seo marketing

Think it’s too challenging to master SEO and see your site at the top of Google’s search results? All it takes is the right SEO strategy. With over 150 billion searches every month on Google, people are continually looking for information, and your site could have just what they need.

If you want your business to succeed, you have to make it easy to find online. The better you optimize your site for search, the higher it’ll rank, and the more organic traffic you’ll get.

It takes consistent work to achieve higher SEO rankings, but we’re here to help by giving you the support and tools you need for your business to succeed and rise to the top of Google.

SEO Basics

The best SEO strategy is a multi-step process, which includes:

  1. Researching your business, customers, competition, and industry.
  2. Performing keyword analysis, preparing a content strategy, and reaching out to reputable sites and influencers.
  3. Optimizing the pages on your site to increase organic traffic.
  4. Building brand reputation with content creation.

SEO Services

SEO isn’t just one thing. It’s not just picking a keyword and stuffing it in a blog post repeatedly. It’s a mixture of keywords and engaging content that come together to not only draw traffic in but keep it on your site. Even more importantly, great SEO keeps visitors coming back and engaging with your business.

Service Includes

We offer different SEO packages to best suit your business’s needs. However, our core services include:

  • Website Audit – How does your website compare to the competition? Can’t figure out why your competitors always show up higher than you in search results? It could be because you’re missing out on incredible ranking opportunities. We’ll go through your website and uncover the best possible keywords and phrases to help your business reach your target audience. We’ll then recommend how to use these keywords for maximum results in surprisingly little time.
  • On-Page Optimization – SEO goes beyond keywords, which is where on-page optimization services can help. The name of the game is user-friendly. If both visitors and search engines can’t easily understand what your page is about, your rank will suffer. Optimizing each page involves ensuring content is relevant, easy to read, easy to navigate, unique, authoritative, and meets visitor’s expectations. It also includes other SEO factors, such as page loading speed, using, responsive design, and metadata.
  • In-depth Keyword Research – Keywords are still necessary, but they have to be more specific than ever before. That’s why we perform detailed keyword analysis and research to discover the best keyword for your business. We’ll also show you how competitive keywords are and which ones may help you outrank the competition.
  • Organic Link Building – When other sites link back to your website, you get a search engine rank boot. However, your links need to be on the right sites. We’ll help you get your content published on relevant, high-quality niche sites, so you reach even more potential customers.
  • Creating Content – Posting regular, high-quality content is an SEO must. Giving your audience the content they want and need versus just marketing material is crucial to your business’s success. We know this is often the hardest part, so we’ll help by providing blog posts, videos, and other types of content.
  • Reporting – Want to know how well your SEO strategy is working? We’ll provide detailed reports to showcase where you’re ranking for your keywords and how you’re performing in overall search results for your niche.

In addition to these core SEO services, we also work with you to boost your social media reach. A strong social media presence is excellent for SEO. It increases brand mentions and searches. So, we’ll help you grow that following to build more engagement with your business.

Local SEO

For physical businesses, you’ll need a more specific type of SEO to stay competitive both online and off. Restaurants, medical practices, and even offline retailers still have to focus on SEO. It’s not enough to just use local word-of-mouth marketing. If you’ve got a website which you should, it’s time to optimize so locals and any visitors to your area can find you easier. For instance, if someone wants a local dentist, but there are 10 in the area where your website ranks on Google could be the deciding factor.

Service Includes

Much like with our standard SEO services, we provide a thorough website audit and in-depth keyword analysis and research to recommend the best possible keywords for your business. We then start focusing even more on helping you rank for your specific area by providing local SEO services such as:

  • Local Mentions – Does your area have a popular local news site? What about blogs that talk about your area? Your business needs to be on those sites, and we make sure it gets the mentions it deserves so more people find you.
  • Business Listings – Many people search for local businesses on business listing sites, such as Yelp and Google My Business. If you’re not there, you might get ignored. We’ll make sure your business is listed and that your listing is filled out completely. We’ll help you build a strong presence, so you stand out from the competition and rank higher.
  • Create Authority Content – You want to be the local authority in your niche. Start with high-quality content that shows you’re the best expert in the area. You may even build a strong online following. We’ll help you blog posts, press releases, studies, and much more.
  • On-Page SEO – Great content and keywords help, but your website’s pages have to be optimized too. Get your local business noticed by Google with optimized URLs, metadata, page/post tags, headers, schema markup, and more. Schema markup gives you a competitive advantage as Google loves to show rich search results, such as maps, hours, services, etc.
  • Link Building – Getting your business noticed is critical. Reach a larger audience by getting reputable sites to link back to you and post content from your company. We’ll identify the best sites and help you get the links you need. This is especially helpful if your local business also does business online.

People often search online before visiting a local business. Make sure you’re at the top of the local search results with our local SEO services.


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