Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Digital ads are a great way to bring attention to your business quickly. Use carefully crafted and managed PPC campaigns to grow a new brand, raise awareness for your nonprofit, or drive more traffic during a special promotion period. However, it’s not quite as easy as just putting up a simple ad.

Sadly, many brands give up on PPC, or pay-per-click, ads far too soon. So, the problem is usually a simple one – too much excitement over the future of the brand and not quite enough research and analytics to create a can’t-fail campaign. That’s why you need someone on your side that knows how to create amazing PPC campaigns that target your unique audience. You do all the hard work of satisfying your new customers, and we’ll take care of the ads that keep bringing them in.

Unmatched ROI with PPC

PPC ads have been proven to bring in 50% more conversions than organic traffic alone. That makes them a good investment up front, but you’ll only get that ROI with the right targeted campaigns.

But, how can you be sure your ads are performing well and providing optimal returns? Before we talk about how we create your ads, we wanted to show you how we measure performance. Every campaign is carefully monitored throughout. We also do thorough research and testing before and during to ensure the campaign goes as planned. Through our ad optimization techniques, we provide ideal results and measurable ROI. We’ll even prove it through detailed reports that you can view at any time.

Certified Specialists

You’re a professional at running your business. That’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less than certified Google AdWords specialists to handle your PPC ads. These experienced professionals not only know how to set up ads, but how to optimize every detail for best results. When your ads are in the right hands, your brand appears in those coveted top ad spots in Google search results.

Your ads only appear to the right audience when using the right keywords and demographics details, maximizing your investment. Since your target audience is seeing your ads, they’re far more likely to click and engage with your brand.

In-Depth Research and Analysis

How do we create such successful PPC ad campaigns for your business? It all comes down to thorough research and analysis. This is a several step process that includes:

• Discussing the brand with the client to better understand the target audience and brand goals
• Researching the audience to understand what would make them want to click fully
• Performing keyword research to ensure we’re using the optimal keywords that your audience would be searching for
• Creating ad groups to set the best themes related to your brand
• Studying the competition to see how they’re ranking, which keywords work best for them and more
• Identifying keyword opportunities to beat the competition and better reach your audience

It’s this type of research that sets us apart. We don’t just create PPC ad campaigns and manage them. We also research every aspect to ensure we’re creating the best possible ads for your brand and goals.

Get More From Your Marketing Budget

Have you tried AdWords yourself, but felt you weren’t getting much of a return on your investment? We know marketing budgets come in all sizes, but no matter how big or small, we aim to help you get more from your budget.

Without spending the necessary time on research, there isn’t any way to get the full value from your investment. Instead, you’re creating generic ads that may or may not be reaching the right people. Instead of helping your brand, your competition is racing ahead.

Our process ensures you’re always getting the most out of your marketing budget. We don’t waste money on clicks from people who aren’t interested. We’ll create highly targeted PPC campaigns to ensure every click is more valuable to your brand. You get more leads, more conversions, and a much higher ROI.

Launching Your PPC Campaign

After the research is complete, it’s time to launch your highly custom PPC ad campaign. The process is relatively straightforward and includes:

• Crafting multiple themed ads (we place different themes in ad groups to help you reach even more people)
• Monitor all results from day one
• Track conversions to see how many clicks are paying off
• Analyze the traffic to see if it’s matching demographics and helping your brand
• Provide detailed reports on results

We’ll even give you access to the dashboard to view how your ads are performing at any time. And the best part is we constantly adjust your PPC campaign strategy to optimize results. We’ll test different types of ads and measure results, so we always know what works best for your brand and audience.

PPC Packages to Meet Your Needs

We know budgets vary, and that’s why we offer several different packages along with add-ons to fit your needs best.

Our smaller campaign package includes:

• Budgets up to $3,000
• Up to 30 keywords
• Monthly reporting
• Up to 10 ad groups
• Once a week bid optimization
• Full campaign management
• Extensions, such as apps, calls, site links and more
• Add landing page optimization, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google Display Network for additional fees

We also offer two other plans. The medium tier plan includes:

• Budgets up to $5,000
• Up to 50 keywords
• Monthly reporting
• Up to 20 ad groups
• Twice weekly bid optimization
• Google Display Network, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn platforms (no additional fee)

Our largest package includes:

• Budgets up to $10,000
• Up to 70 keywords
• Weekly and monthly reporting
• Up to 30 ad groups
• All other features from the medium plan

Help When You Need It

In addition to all of these benefits, we also offer help when you need it. Not really sure how PPC works? We’re available to answer any questions you might have before and during your campaigns.

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