Color Elite Consulting 

For Brands, Ad Agencies and Print Service Providers

Purchase a Color Elite Consulting package to help you achieve predictable and consistent color across different printing processes and materials.

We will work with you to provide individually customized solutions and strategy sessions, helping you tackle color management challenges to reach your goals.

Choose Your Package

Bronze Package

3 Hours of Color Elite Consulting


Kick-start color management working hands-on with your dedicated color management consultant.

Silver Package

6 Hours of Color Elite Consulting


Take color management to the next level working with your dedicated color management consultant.

Gold Package

12 Hours of Color Elite Consulting


Receive color management support throughout the year with your dedicated color management consultant

Don't struggle with the learning curve, watching hours of videos, and sitting in on countless webinars. Color Elite Consulting will guide you through better color management and continual improvements.

You set the pace and the schedule for your sessions.


• Basic & Advanced Color Management Strategies

• Best Practices for Optimal Process Control

• Print Quality Management

• Creating Print Buyer Requirements

• Supply Chain Management

    Color Elite Consulting FAQs

    How does Color Elite Consulting Work?

    Color Elite Consulting is a service provided by Mann & Co. for brands, ad agencies, and print service providers interested in a dedicated color management consultant to assist in standards, processes, training, and certifications. Sessions are billed in 30-minute time blocks that are booked in advance with a guarantee of availability within seven business days.

    What if I no longer need Color Elite Consulting?

    We are here to be your partner in the successful implementation and management of your color management needs. Sessions are valid for 12 months after purchase. A session can be scheduled anytime during the 12 months after purchase. Once the first session is confirmed, refunds are not available, nor are they prorated for uncompleted sessions.

    What can I expect to accomplish in one session?

    All Color Elite Consulting packages begin with a 30-minute kick-off call to review current issues, goals, and schedule the first session. Your consultant will send a follow-up email with a summary of the session, follow up materials, if needed, and next steps.

    Can I invite my team for a session?

    Absolutely! We are happy to work with your entire team during your scheduled session.

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