Marketing Automation: 15 Important Stats and Studies

Marketing Automation: 15 Important Stats and Studies

What marketing automation stats do you need to know for success?

Marketing automation is one of the best ways to reach your audience without spending a lot on staff. Also, it saves you a significant amount of time managing your marketing campaigns. Also, for your marketing campaigns to be effective, you need to have the best information to guide you in the management of the automation processes.

Certain statistics and studies can help you make the best decisions for your business so here are some of the most important stats to maximize your returns.

1. Marketing Automation is Important in the Customer Journey

Various studies have shown that marketing automation enables you to connect to between 50 and 70% of the customer journey.

2. Small Businesses Don’t Use Automation

While businesses doing over $500 million are using marketing automation, only 3% under $500 million are.

New technology is allowing small businesses to take advantage of marketing automation to improve leads and conversions of target customers through various channels.

3. Companies Use Email Service Providers

More than half of businesses (56%) use an email service provider (ESP), which is a major factor as those using email marketing are 75% more likely to purchase marketing automation services.

4. The High Adopters

These industries have the highest adoption rates:

  • Software & the Internet
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer & Electronics
  • Health & Pharmaceuticals
  • Business Services

5. Why Automation Isn’t Adopted

Half of marketers looking to implement marketing automation have stated that they have other priorities. Also, 21% have stated that costs are limiting their adoption.

6. Full Use

85% of those using marketing automation think they are not using it to its full potential and only 26% are using every feature available to them.

7. Looking For Change

Over a third of companies using marketing automation tools are looking to switch providers in the next year.

8. Systems are Too Complex

Just under a quarter of respondents stated that the systems are too complex to be used effectively.

9. Value For Money

Nearly two-thirds stated that the ability to set measurable objectives for campaigns was the biggest value driver.

10. More Leads

B2B companies that utilize marketing automation increase the number of leads generated by an average of 10% and these leads are of a higher quality and lead to a greater number of sales.

11. More Sales Opportunities

Leads that were nurtured properly produced a 20% increase in sales opportunities.

12. Decrease in Costs

According to research, those who are using marketing automation create 14.5% in sales productivity and lower marketing overheads by 12.2%. At the same time, companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales for a third of the cost.

13. Return on Investment

Three-quarters of those using marketing automation see an ROI in 12 months or less. Also, 78% of successful marketers state that it is the key contributor to improving revenue contribution.

14. More Leads

Companies using an ESP generate more leads than those that do not. Also, companies using automation will generate twice the number of leads than those using an ESP.

15. Increased Purchases

Companies that use marketing automation produce leads that are better educated and more grateful for the services provided. Consequently, the purchase value is 47% larger than those who have not nurtured their leads.


Finally, marketing automation is one of the best investments you can make for your business and it will improve the marketing returns you have for your business, the quality of leads and the amount that customers will spend with your business. Always be wary of what provider you choose. As a result, always look at using one who will provide the functions you want and need.

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