How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead Nurturing


How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead NurturingYour sales reps are valuable resources. They help you generate interest for your products and push out your brand image. Some of their time is likely to be spent touching base with old leads who have previously converted and could benefit from the add-on, or complimentary products.

Touching base has four significant problems. First, touching base usually occurs when brands haven’t interacted with your company for a long time. Therefore, they are becoming cold leads and are probably not interested in your services/products at the current time. Consequently, your sales reps have no information to go on and cannot make efficient use of their time.

Second, your lead may not be available, so your sales team leaves a message, such as:

Hi, this is Joe Blogs from Joe Blogs Consulting. Just giving you a quick call to see if there is anything you need help with.”

As there is no definitive reason for your call or urgency to it, the prospect is not going to call your sales team back. It’s wasted time. Your sales team might as well spend time cold calling leads to pushing the brand out.

Third, it is a resource intensive endeavor. One sales rep can only call one person at a time. It limits their reach and the prospect of getting a sale when they have no intelligence on whether a lead is actually in need of your services or products. Your resources (people, time and money) can be put to better use.

Finally, always calling old leads is not going to promote your brand positively. Many decision makers you call will view your contact, and subsequently brand, as a nuisance. This kind of brand image isn’t going to win you repeat contracts.

In Their Thoughts

Lead nurturing is all about keeping your brand in the mind of your qualified prospects. A qualified prospect is someone who is the right person (decision maker) at the right company, who has the budget. These people may not be sales-ready, but they may be in the future, so you want to be the first brand they think of when that need arises.

To achieve this, you should be in constant contact, but sales calls aren’t always best.

Instead, consider email marketing campaigns. These campaigns should be full of compelling, relevant information; that gets your lead thinking about issues within their company and their need for your services/products.

For instance, if you are a building maintenance company, you can discuss general maintenance advice like:

  • How can mold be prevented in the office?
  • How do you create a maintenance checklist?
  • When should you improve facilities?
  • Which should safety checks be carried out on a regular basis?

At the end of each of these emails, you need to include a call-to-action that leads to a landing page and an action, like asking for a quote, downloading a whitepaper, etc.

If you choose to, you can make these email campaigns personalized, not just to the prospect, but from the sales rep that they have contact with. Emails can be sent with the sales rep’s name in the ‘from’ attribute. The prospect will then believe the content was specifically sent to them.

Alerts can then be created, so when a prospect engages with your content, your sales rep can give them a call and speak to them. It means that your sales reps are talking to the decision makers who are interested in your services and not to someone who might have been months ago.


Your sales rep’s time is crucial. Don’t waste it by calling contacts you haven’t engaged with for a long time. Instead, create an email marketing campaign and speak to those who engage with your content. These are the interested parties, and your sales reps will, therefore, have a more efficient time on the phone.

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