LinkedIn Ads: The Small Business Guide to Getting Started


LinkedIn Ads is the smallest of the commonly used PPC platforms. The platform has a very specific audience: business professionals. If you are looking to market to consumers, then LinkedIn is probably not going to be for you.

Regarding targeting, you have the option to be very specific. You can set location, gender, age, employer, industry and even position within the company, which can be useful if the decision-maker for your product or service is likely to be a Chief Financial Officer rather than a Chief Marketing Officer. Or, if you only want to supply accountants in New York.

Success With LinkedIn Ads

But, just because these great targeting options exist, it doesn’t mean you are guaranteed success. You still have to make sure your ads are well designed and targeted to ensure that they attract and convert your target audience. So, what are our tips for creating great LinkedIn ads? Here they are:

1. Call Out Your Audience

Grab the attention of your target audience by naming them in the heading of your ad. You don’t need to do it too obviously like ‘marketing managers pay attention,’ you could be subtle like ‘are you in marketing?’

This will immediately let the audience know that the ad is going to be relevant to them.

2. Tell The Audience What They Need to Know

LinkedIn Ads don’t have much space. You’ve only got 25 characters for the headline, a description of up to 75 characters, a company name, an image, and the URL. Each aspect should engage the audience and inspire them to make the next move. This means you have to tell them what you are offering rather than being vague.

3. Use Good Images

The ads that get the most attention are the ones that have the best images. The images have to be relevant to the ad copy and professionally taken. Poor or no images will only result in your ad being ineffective.

Also, ensure that you have permission to use an image. Because of the spread of where the ad can be displayed, any images that you don’t have rights to will be discovered.

4. Create Multiple Versions

LinkedIn is very good at allowing you to create up to 15 versions of your ad. These versions could be something small like a change to a word, header, or image, etc. What is unique about LinkedIn is that their system rotates ads automatically and uses the best performing ad to increase your return.

Therefore, you can set campaigns to be almost automatic. Though, it is good practice to monitor them to ensure the best returns.

5. Use With Landing Pages

When your target audience clicks on your ad, you want them to head to somewhere specific. This could be a landing page for downloadable content, a particular product page, blog post, or email sign-up form. But, the ad has to be relevant to the landing page. Otherwise, conversions will be low while costs are high.

6. Analyze

Don’t just set up your campaign and forget it. You’ll never get any serious results from your marketing, and you will be disappointed. Therefore, set up a schedule where you come back to LinkedIn and review the results. See which ads aren’t performing and adjust or delete them from the rotation.

Analyzing your campaign enables you to discover opportunities for improvement and gain higher returns on your marketing budget.


Getting started with LinkedIn Ads is ideal for B2B businesses. With the right ad and precise targeting, you will see significant traffic to your site, but you will also need an effective landing page to make the most of your traffic.

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