Lead Generation Secret: How to Start a Conversation

Lead Generation Secret: How to Start a ConversationWhat is the lead generation secret?

As marketers, we know that we should be generating leads from our various online properties.

But what exactly should we be doing to attract more leads?

This process may be more straightforward than you think, though it will require a solid understanding of your audience.

The lead generation secret is knowing how to start a conversation. Here are a few ways you can begin engaging your audience.

Draw Them In

There is an overabundance of information available online.

If a consumer wants to be educated, there are plenty of resources they can tap into to learn about a specific product or service.

There are some industries where the customer knows more than the salesperson because of how easily people can access reviews, spec sheets, stats, and any other information they need.

Here’s another insight into the lead generation secret. If there’s one thing people still care about, it’s a sense of belonging. We are essentially hardwired as human beings to want that.

So, drawing your website visitors into a conversation can be a powerful way to develop a long-term relationship with them.

On a practical level, you can create rants, talk about industry happenings from your perspective, or add your spin to current news items.

If you create the kind of content that people can’t help but respond to, you can convert more leads.

Give Them What They Need

Just because people can be more educated doesn’t mean they are. And, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a pressing concern they’re looking for a solution to either. Further, some people are looking for alternatives to standard solutions.

Creating content that solves a problem can draw people into the conversation.

You’re probably familiar with this type of content already – tutorials, how-to guides, listicles, and the like.

The reason this type of content is a lead generation secret is that it eases the reader’s burden. This builds trust with them, and that makes them want to engage with you further. It makes them curious as to what you’re going to share with them next.

Make It Easy for Them to Add to the Conversation

On a practical level, we must make it easy for our target audience to connect with us.

There are many important considerations here in the lead generation secret.

First, every piece of content you create should have a clear call to action. Without that, your readers are left wondering what to do next. After they’ve just read an inspirational piece of content, they’re going to want to act, and you’re going to want to encourage that. It could just be a matter of creating a relevant opt-in offer.

Second, you should give your visitors a way to interact. You could get them to email you or call you. You could have the Messenger app installed on your website. Another popular option, of course, is to have comments enabled on your blog. Sure, commenting isn’t as popular as it once was, but it can still be an excellent way to give your audience a voice.

Third, ask plenty of questions in your content. And, don’t be afraid to be a little controversial. As already noted, a rant is a great content type to draw in an audience. There will be some polarization that occurs, but if you get your readers to act, you can still benefit from the interaction that takes place.

Final Thoughts

Above all, know your audience.

If you have a clear understanding of who they are, you shouldn’t be at a loss as to what the hot topics are and how to push some buttons.

You don’t need to finish the conversation – you need to start it. So, give your audience plenty of room to have an opinion and to add thoughts to the line of questioning you’ve started.

How are you generating leads? Do you feel you’ve been successful in your efforts?

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