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Lead Generation FunnelsWhy Lead Generation Funnels

A funnel is a process that moves prospects further towards being paying customers. The great thing about our world today is that there are many ways to attract new prospects to your business. As you can imagine, there are many different lead generation funnels depending upon your sales process. Here are the two most commonly used:

Marketing and Sales Funnels

A marketing funnel involves the early interaction between prospects and a business. In the marketing stage, the prospect is usually not ready to become a client yet. The relationship needs to be nurtured for a longer period, so there are more steps needed in the funnel. A sales funnel involves a prospect that is willing to make a purchase right away. Not as many steps take place before the transaction occurs.

Funnels Offer Opportunities

Within marketing and sales funnels are specific types of¬†funnels. For example, a marketing funnel can include social media or content marketing. A sales funnel can be a pay-per-click campaign focused on keywords with buyer intent, like someone searching for “buy car insurance” on Google. Another one might be for someone looking for the best dentist on an online directory.

Both marketing and sales funnels offer opportunity. Just because someone isn’t ready to buy right now doesn’t mean that you don’t want to get their attention, earn their trust and build a relationship so that when they are interested in what you offer you’re already top of mind. The trick is managing all these different funnels.

Lead Generation Funnel Strategy

Every business is different. The key to success with lead generation funnels is identifying which ones are right for your business. Mann & Co. can do so by analyzing your business and your customers. From there, we’ll identify the right lead generation funnels and implement them for you.

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