Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Sticking the Landing

Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Sticking the LandingThe primary purpose of landing pages is to get your visitors to act.

Whether it’s to download an eBook, purchase a course, enter contact information or otherwise, the principal focus of every landing page is to encourage action.

The problem is that your visitors don’t always follow through. Sometimes they bounce off your page. Occasionally they get interrupted midway and forget to return to the page. And, at other times, they read all the way through and decide the offer is not for them.

A landing page doesn’t always convert. Even some of the most effective landing pages convert a low percentage of visitors (i.e., single digits).

So, if your landing page isn’t converting double digits, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. But if no one coming to your landing page is following through, then you might have a problem. Here’s how to solve it.

Your Message Isn’t Connecting

Sometimes, your offer is a mismatch for your audience.

Perhaps you’ve identified a pain point that doesn’t exist. Or, maybe you’ve framed it in a way your target audience can’t relate to. Whatever the case, your message is off, and it’s not connecting.

Be sure to research your target audience. Don’t just research online. Get them on the phone or a Skype call. Have them review your landing page and get them to point out areas that could be improved.

Your Landing Pages Aren’t Loading

You’ve chosen your graphics. Your headline is bold. The copy is on point. The fonts and colors look perfect. So, why is your landing page not sticking the landing?

Well, as embarrassing as it might sound, there’s a chance it’s not loading correctly.

There might be a piece of broken code, or maybe your page is trying to call an external resource (like Leadpages) that isn’t available. Perhaps it’s just loading too slow.

Whatever the case, it’s always a good idea to check and see whether your landing page is loading properly on every browser and device.

You Aren’t Focused Enough

A landing page should only contain one call to action. There shouldn’t be internal links, external links, or other things people can be distracted by or engage with on your page.

Your landing pages should be free of distraction. Your copy, imagery, and visual media (if any) should all appeal to and engage the user, but never take away from the central message or call to action. The opposite can also be a problem – when your landing pages are too dull and don’t capture your audience.

You’ve Created Too Much Friction

How much information are you requesting of your leads? Are you getting them to fill out 14 form fields?

It’s nice to be able to get in touch with your audience in a variety of ways and have more data points on them. But if you ask for too much, your audience will likely abandon your page midway.

Don’t make your visitors jump through too many hoops. If you’re going to use forms, keep it to one or two fields. If you’re going to use buttons, use one. The less friction there is, the easier it will be to convert your visitors.

Final Thoughts

The above is just a small sample of things that can go wrong with your landing page. There are so many other things that can go wrong, whether it’s aesthetically, technically, communicatively or otherwise. Fortunately, landing pages aren’t set in stone. You can always tweak and optimize until you generate the kind of ROI you’re looking for.

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