IP Targeting

IP TargetingTargeted marketing is a great strategy. But how do you do it effectively? IP Targeting is an innovative way of connecting businesses with the right leads and customers. And, by matching IP addresses to physical addresses, you’re able to offer your customers much more personalized marketing, leading to unparalleled results and an increased ROI. so, think of it as the digital version of direct mail.

People are much more likely to engage with ads for products and services they might already be interested in. Thus, you shouldn’t waste time or money on general marketing. So, targeted marketing, especially IP Targeting, is highly effective. You reach people who may already be interested in interacting with your business.

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All you need is an IP address to target a physical location. We’re able to match physical addresses to IPs so businesses can use one-to-one targeted ads. Both display and video. And you can target businesses and individual households. Thus, one of the best parts is you’re not harassing customers and leads with tracking cookies, geo-location tools, and census blocks. So, we use your existing CRM list as part of the IP Targeting strategy to target those who are most interested, leading to better results for you.

Reverse Append

When someone visits a website but doesn’t sign up for anything, how can you reach them? They’re obviously interested, so they’re worth reaching out to. Thanks to Reverse Append, we’re able to map your visitors’ IP addresses back to their physical address. From there, you can send direct mail marketing messages. The process works quickly and visitors receive direct mail within 2-3 days of their visit.

Digital New Movers

According to North American Moving Services, 14% of the American population moves every year. This equals around 40 million people. That’s a large demographic actively looking for new places to shop, eat and entertain themselves. Digital New Movers is part of the IP Targeting service that allows you to target specific cities or states. You enter your ad details and who you want to target. This can be escrow, pre-movers, or post-movers. Thus, our tools send out targeted ads to these new arrivals. This helps you build new relationships quickly. You can target areas for 6-12 months at a time.

Venue Replay

Once you reach someone at a venue with an ad, that’s it, right? Wrong! Venue Replay captures device IDs. Wherever they were originally targeted with one of your ads, we match the device ID back to their home address. So, you can target them at home so they don’t forget.

Reach your most likely leads directly without guessing. It all starts with IP Targeting.

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