How to Identify the Right Social Media Hashtags

How To Identify The Right Social Media HashtagsSocial media hashtags don’t get as much attention as they used to these days.

And yet, they are powerful marketing tools that should not be overlooked.

Hashtags can be used to organize content, promote campaigns, drive engagement, draw your audience to you and more.

If you’ve been putting your social media on autopilot and not using hashtags as part of your posting efforts, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy.

But how do you know what hashtags to use? Here are several steps you can take to identify the right hashtags for your business.

Study Influencers in Your Industry

What hashtags are the influencers in your industry using?

The answer might be “none,” in which case there might be an opportunity to create your own or jump on a hashtag bandwagon (i.e., by using relevant, popular hashtags).

Social Media Examiner, for instance, commonly uses tags like #facebookmarketing or #facebookads (and similar tags depending on what social network they’re covering, like #instagraminsights and #instagrammarketing) to draw attention to their content.

If you had a business revolving around social media, you might consider using these hashtags or finding more like them and testing them with your tweets, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, and so on.

Review Your List of Keywords

If you’ve run any ad campaigns or done any SEO work on your website, there’s a good chance you’ve done some keyword research. This is online marketing 101, so if you haven’t already done the work, now would be as good a time as any.

When considering what hashtags to use for social media, you should dig up your list of keywords. Then, try putting these keywords into Hashtagify. You’ll find plenty of hashtags connected to the keyword you’ve entered, as well as your industry.

Hashtagify is also an excellent place to find trending hashtags in your niche.

Find out What Hashtags Your Followers Are Using

Odds are there are a lot of different people following you on social media. But they followed you for a reason, and at a good chunk of them should represent your target audience.

This means you can view their profiles (i.e., on Twitter) and learn more about them. You can also see what hashtags they’re using in their posts.

If you come across any hashtags you could use, make a note of them. Using these hashtags may give you a way to connect more directly with your target audience.

Find More Hashtags Across Different Networks

Don’t forget – hashtags aren’t just for Twitter. They are also used on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and other networks.

Does this mean you must go to each network and go through each of your hashtags manually to find ideas? No, that’s what Tagboard is for. It will automatically search the most popular social networks for you and compile posts that use the hashtag you’ve searched for, or similar hashtags.

Tagboard is also for staying up to date in your industry because you can see the latest posts tagged with your search query. This can help you jump on trending tags and leverage them in your marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

There are more ways to identify valuable hashtags that can realistically be covered here.

There are many tools and apps you can use, and you can also do the hard work of going to each platform and seeing what’s trending and working for other businesses in your niche.

Either way, it can take time and effort to come up with a useful list of hashtags for your business.

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