How a Creative Director Affects Company Social Media

How a Creative Director Affects Company Social MediaResilience, patience, multitasking, diplomacy, great communication, and efficiency are a few terms and phrases you can use to describe a good creative director. They are responsible for developing and executing a marketing vision by leading a team of fellow creatives.

The success of any campaign depends on its management and leadership capabilities. While no two creative directs work using the same style or philosophy, they all increase your chances of success. Companies that hire creative directors to be in charge of their social media content get more value from their allocated digital marketing spend.

Here are a few specific ways this always happens.

Development of a Digital Strategy

When creative directors come on the scene, they steer the conversation about what the company would like to achieve through digital channels. Are they looking to engage more with clients, build business leads, portray a cool image, or some other purpose?

Once that is established, the creative director will help craft a strategy towards those goals. They will also help the company decide what type of content to put out and which channels will be the most efficient. This involves analyzing the demographics of the target clientele of the business to determine their social channels.

Businesses that have creative directors are not flying blind in the digital space.

Consistency in Content

Once an organization has the overall strategy, the creative director helps break it down operational plans. For instance, if the organization decides to do a series of infomercial videos for release on YouTube, the creative director decides how long the campaign will run and the frequency of releases.

The same thing happens with posts on other platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. If the organization decides to adopt a particular persona, perhaps witty, it must replicate it consistently without seeming like they are trying too hard. Part of this involves hiring the right team members for such work.

 The creative director, therefore, needs to be resourceful in finding the right team for the job. They also need to have the leeway to hire people who will execute the vision correctly.

Quality Content

The audience on social media today is quite discerning. They are bombarded with new content by the second. Naturally, they have become pickier and more critical of gimmicks and uninspiring content.

The creative director is supposed to help cut through the noise and communicate with clients. This primarily involves finding the right channels and putting out quality and strategic content.

The creative director must develop a set of key performance indicators for each social media campaign. Views,  likes, and comments may not be enough when the goal was perhaps generating more leads.

Adoption of Analytics and Feedback

One of the biggest puzzles companies have to figure out is how to make sense of their social media engagement. Fortunately, artificial intelligence tools use natural language processing to give insights to thousands of comments and reviews companies receive from their digital channels.

Today, creative directors need to understand what tools may be right for a company and leverage any insight received. They also must be in touch with developments in the social media space. It is not always about jumping on new channels and trends. Instead, they must present actionable points that represent value to the company.

Investing in a Creative Director

Depending on their budget, brands can hire an in-house creative director to lead their social media team or outsource the whole function to an agency. Either way, they should seek to establish a social media strategy and metrics to gauge success.