7 Things to Generate Higher Quality Leads

7 Things to Generate Higher Quality LeadsVirtually every website with enough traffic can generate leads. But just because you can doesn’t mean they’re higher quality leads.

Be honest. Do you have a big email list that doesn’t seem to pay attention to your emails? Do you end up cleaning your list of people who aren’t engaging with your emails every quarter or so?

Look, it’s great that you have a big list. And, cleaning it periodically is a best practice. But don’t you wish you could convert a higher quality leads? Then read on.

1. Include a Contact Number on Your Website

Naturally, email isn’t the only way to communicate with your leads. And, most people calling you are probably more serious and just need to ask a few questions before they buy.

Having a contact number instantly boosts your credibility and makes you look more legit. That leads to higher quality leads.

2. Add Relevant Quotes & Testimonials to Your Website

Social proof makes a big difference when it comes to generating high-quality leads. When people land on your website and read a quote that resonates with them, they’ll be far more likely to convert.

Additionally, quotes and testimonials show that you’re a real business with something of value to offer.

3. Use Videos on Your Website

Images, graphics, text, and audio are all valuable tools for attracting an audience. But videos will bridge the gap and create a deeper connection with your audience where other forms of media cannot.

Use your videos to speak directly to the user, and you’re sure to see an increased conversion rate on your site.

4. Take Advantage of Trust Seals

You may have heard that trust seals can increase conversions. True, a well-placed credibility badge can make a difference. But what it comes down to is that you should use seals that matter to your audience.

So, try to get a sense of what would signal a credibility indicator to them. Use these to protect the user and offer a secure shopping experience – not just to make them sign up for your email list or buy from you.

5. Add More Forms to Your Website

This might be something you’re doing already. But if not, you should consider adding forms to the top-performing content on your site, if not every page of your website.

If you have a service-based business, then prompting your leads to get a free quote from you can be a powerful way to generate higher quality leads. This is especially the case since people requesting a quote are more likely to be serious than not.

6. Create & Offer Content Upgrades

Many businesses have found content upgrades to be incredibly helpful in converting more leads. This is the type of content that gets into the subject of the blog post in more depth. So, it could be a report, eBook or whitepaper.

Creating content upgrades for your top-performing content and offering them in exchange for emails is an excellent way to generate higher quality leads. Also, there’s a good chance a lead downloading your eBook is interested in receiving more information on the topic.

7. Use a Live Chat Service

A surprising number of businesses have yet to adopt live chat or chatbots, and however, many companies have found their conversion rate jump through the roof after implementation. You don’t need a sophisticated strategy to make this work right now, as it’s easy to stand out from the crowd. Again, implement live chat on your top-performing pages and test whether it increases conversions—another way to generate higher quality leads.

Conclusion: Generate Higher Quality Leads

Test everything. What works for one business doesn’t always work for another. The only way to find out is to give something a try and measure performance. If you systematically do this, you’ve virtually assured success.

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