Get Your Email Subject Line Right – 7 Tips

Get Your Email Subject Line Right – 7 TipsEvery week, you work hard to create a emails that your subscribers will open and read.

But even if the content is stellar, if the subject line isn’t compelling, your followers may not open it.

The opposite can also be a problem. If your subject lines are promising a lot, but you’re not delivering on it in the body of your email, you could also be losing trust with your followers.

Either way, the first step is to get people to open your emails, and this has a lot to do with your subject lines. Let’s talk about how to get your email subject line right.

1. Keep It Short

MailChimp advises you to keep your subject line to 50 characters or less. That is because people don’t waste any time deciding whether to read an email or to ignore it entirely. Don’t make people guess – get to the point. Relate to your audience, and deliver the expected message at the expected time.

2. Segment Your List

To be fair, segmenting your list doesn’t have much to do with your subject lines. But if your audience is adequately segmented, you’ll be better able to deliver relevant messages to each segment.

Let’s say you run a car dealership. Some of your audience wants to know about deals and offers. Others have already purchased a car and want to learn more about maintenance and repair. By tailoring your subject lines to each segment of your audience, you will increase your open rates.

3. Leverage Urgency

Urgency is a psychological trigger that gets people to act. Don’t “manufacture” urgency when there’s nothing urgent about your offer, but if your webinar registration is closing in three days, or if your Black Friday sale will only last for a few more hours, there’s a good reason to get your audience to act now.

4. A/B Split Test

We all formulate assumptions about what works over time, whether it’s right or not. But why not A/B split test different subject lines? That allows you to use the winning subject line with the majority of your subscribers, thereby getting you the best results possible.

5. Use Numbers

Listicles have a way of capturing people’s attention. In the same manner, emails with numbers tend to get more opens. It could be something as simple as “10 Ways to Boost Your Productivity”, or “5 Ways to Conquer the Holiday Season”. Experiment with numbers in your subject line to test this out for yourself.

6. Ask Questions

Questions create an open loop. It’s human nature to want to close that loop in some way, shape or form. People don’t want to be left hanging, so they will open your email to find out what the answer is. Use the curiosity approach to get your emails read.

7. Personalize & Localize

You can use personalization tokens in the subject line to add a personal touch to your emails. You’ve probably received emails that said something along the lines of, “Jake, have you thought about your goals for 2017 yet?” (replace “Jake” with your name).

You can also create location-specific emails to talk to subscribers that are in a particular locality. For example, “Top 10 Things to do in Chicago During the Holidays.” Just make sure these emails only go out to people who live in the town or city you’re talking about.

Final Thoughts

You can use the above tips to improve your open rates. Some experimentation, however, will still be necessary. What works for one person may not work for another. That depends on your particular industry and audience.

What email subject lines have worked best for you? Have you come across any strategies or tricks that have produced good results?

Let us know in the comments below.

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