How to Create Evergreen Content

How to Create Evergreen ContentThe importance of evergreen content marketing material can’t be denied.

But people love the news. Reporting on it, analyzing it and putting your spin on it can generate a lot of traffic to your website in the immediate.

At some point, however, the news you cover will no longer be of value to your visitors, and they will stop coming to your website to read about it. That puts you in a position where you must publish the news on a weekly if not daily basis to keep the same traffic coming in.

Meanwhile, evergreen content can bring a lot of visitors to your website over the long haul. It may not do much in the immediate, but give it time, and it will pick up momentum.

What Is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content refers to any content that remains relevant regardless of how things change in the world.

A good example is NASA’s article on the sun. The sun rises and sets every single day and allows life to happen on earth. Its importance is readily apparent. So, if people are interested in learning about the sun, they’ll go to NASA’s article to learn more.

What Types of Posts Work Well for Evergreen Content?

News articles, stats, holiday promotions, posts about pop culture and trends, and so forth are all likely to go out of date given enough time. So, these are not the best fit for evergreen content.

There are specific styles of posts that tend to work better for evergreen content. Whether it’s listicles, how-to posts, tutorials, Wikipedia style entries, “What is _________?” type posts and so on.

This isn’t to suggest that if you write a post in this format that it will automatically be evergreen. But it can be a good starting point.

What Subjects Work Well for Evergreen Content?

Anything to do with health, wealth and love can make for good evergreen posts. But this isn’t to suggest that you can’t find evergreen topics in every niche or industry.

What you need to do is think about what matters most in your industry and to your target audience.

If you’re in the financial industry, then budgeting is a topic that’s unlikely to go out of date any time soon.

If you’re in the recruitment and talent industry, then posts about making a resume are sure to remain relevant for a long time to come.

In this way, you must determine topics that your audience will search for today and will continue to search for as the need arises.

Do Your Keyword Research When Creating Evergreen Content Marketing Material

Keyword research is just as important to evergreen content as other types of content.

As you are undoubtedly aware, some keywords are easier to rank for than others. And, merely writing on a topic everyone has already written on in hopes that you will rank for it is mostly futile. It would be a good idea to target long-tail keywords.

Further, if no one is searching about what you’re planning to write about, it’s probably a waste of time and energy. The main exception here would be if a topic is so new, people haven’t addressed it yet. Or if you’re planning to talk about a proprietary process, product, concept or otherwise, that has evergreen potential (i.e., Steve Pavlina’s 10 Ways to Relaxify Your Workspace).

Final Thoughts

Most successful content marketing strategies are built on a mix of content types. So, if all you’re planning to do is publish evergreen content, realize that it may take a while for your content to pick up steam and produce results.

Do you publish evergreen content for your business? How has it benefited you?

Let us know in the comments below.

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