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Who Should Write Your Website Content?

Who Should Write Your Website Content?By default, website content duties tend to fall to the founder of the company.

In some cases, this can work quite well – just look at Neil Patel or Eric Siu.

But the reality is that founders often have better things to do, such as marketing or business development. They would prefer not to be working in the business, but rather on it.

Plus, if you aren’t good at writing, or if you don’t enjoy the process, you’re going to end up loathing having to churn out new content – especially if you’re trying to publish new blog posts regularly.

So, who should write your website content? Here are several options to consider.Continue Reading..

Do Competitive Research to Improve Your Website

Do Competitive Research To Improve Your WebsiteYour website is driving traffic and helping you generate leads.

But let’s face it – your numbers could always be better.

Plus, your competition might be on to some things you haven’t even thought of yet. Their traffic numbers and conversion rates could be miles ahead of where yours are.

The good news? Your competitors aren’t completely out of reach. You may be able to learn a great deal from them, and even take inspiration from and improve upon their strategies.

But how do you go about learning from competitors? How do you conduct competitive research when you’re interested in boosting the effectiveness of your site?Continue Reading..

What You Need to Know if Your Web Developer Does a Runner

What You Need To Know If Your Web Developer Does A RunnerWeb development is a highly competitive field. A web developer runs the spectrum from very competent all the way over to completely inept.

Some might give you a great sales pitch, and not deliver the services promised. Meanwhile, others might appear socially challenged but offer an excellent product that will last you for a long time to come.

Stereotypes aside, the point here is that you might not know when someone’s done a runner on you until it’s too late. Try as you might, tracking them down could prove difficult if not impossible.

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The Best Webinar Plugins for WordPress Sites

The Best Webinar Plugins For WordPress SitesWhether you have a dedicated marketing team, or you handle it all of your promotion yourself, coordinating and executing your strategy can feel overwhelming at times.

It is where delegating, automating, and systematizing often become important vignettes to explore. Especially if there are things you aren’t good at or don’t like to do, and there are people on your team that is equipped to handle them.

Of these three methods for making your task load more manageable, automation is one of the best tools for reducing your direct involvement. It is in spite of the fact that many things aren’t ever truly “hands-off.”

If you’re using webinars to convert leads, for example, utilizing the right plugins can make your life much simpler. Especially when you think about the fact that webinars have to be organized and promoted and your content has to be high quality and relevant for your audience.

Here are some of the best webinar plugins for WordPress that will have you breathing a sigh of relief.Continue Reading..

Treat Every Website Page Like a Landing Page

Treat Every Website Page Like a Landing Page

Landing pages are often thought of as a single page on your website, connected to a particular marketing campaign. In a sense, this is true. A landing page is a place where prospects enter your site, find information and advice on any problems they may have and hopefully, take action (i.e. make a purchase, sign-up to a mailing list, etc., ).

But, are landing pages just those that you designate as landing pages? Or should you be looking at every page and treating them all like a landing page? What does this mean for your business and how can your website be designed in such a way?Continue Reading..