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How to Write a Better Social Media Headline

How to Write a Better Social Media HeadlineYou’re looking to maximize your company’s impact on social media.

Many factors can influence your reach, such as the size of your following, when you post, what you post, and more.

But one of the most critical considerations is the headline.

With a strong headline, you can increase click-throughs and engagement, and drive more traffic to the content you’ve designed to convert visitors into leads.

But what exactly is a strong headline, and how do you write one? Let’s explore.Continue Reading..

How to Identify the Right Social Media Hashtags

How To Identify The Right Social Media HashtagsSocial media hashtags don’t get as much attention as they used to these days.

And yet, they are powerful marketing tools that should not be overlooked.

Hashtags can be used to organize content, promote campaigns, drive engagement, draw your audience to you and more.

If you’ve been putting your social media on autopilot and not using hashtags as part of your posting efforts, it might be time to reevaluate your strategy.

But how do you know what hashtags to use? Here are several steps you can take to identify the right hashtags for your business.Continue Reading..

How to Target the Right Twitter Followers to Get Sales

How to Target the Right Twitter Followers to Get SalesYes, social networking platforms like Twitter can be used to generate sales for your business.

Often, your Twitter followers will first discover your website in a timely and relevant tweet about your latest blog post.

If they enjoy the content, they may come back and read more of your blog posts. At that point, their chances of becoming an email subscriber increase substantially.

Once on your email list, it’s merely a matter of nurturing your subscribers until they’re ready to buy.

But how do you target the right Twitter followers, to begin with?Continue Reading..

How Big Business Uses Social Media to Engage

How Big Business Uses Social Media To Engage Their Target MarketSocial media represents a valuable opportunity for you to get in front of your target market on a regular, ongoing basis.

But if you aren’t consistent, you don’t exist. And if you aren’t engaging your target market and delivering content they want, then your audience has no reason to keep following you.

So, what are you doing to interact and connect with your audience? What are you doing to attract your target market? Do you feel you are successful in your efforts or are you still unsure as to how social media fits into your marketing plan?

Let’s learn from the best. Here are how some big businesses are using social media to engage their target market.Continue Reading..

How Marketing and Social Media Go Hand in Hand

How Marketing and Social Media Go Hand in HandHow is social media integrated with your overall marketing strategy?

This is an important question to ask because depending on how you’re treating social, there could be a significant disconnect between the effort you’re putting forth and the results you’re getting (or not getting).

Some companies choose to focus exclusively on social media for their marketing. For others, it’s a mere afterthought. Both extremes are detrimental to your digital strategy.

So, let’s talk about how marketing and social media go hand in hand, and why that’s important.Continue Reading..