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Why Intent Is Critical for Effective PPC

Why Intent Is Critical for Effective PPCAn effective PPC campaign begins with a clear understanding of who your customers are.

Without knowing what they’re looking for, what stage of the buying cycle they are in, and how they behave, it may prove difficult if not possible to nail down a winning PPC strategy.

You must be aware of user intent. Some users are merely researching their options. Some have narrowed down their search to a few items. Some are ready to buy. It is possible to cater to each of these types of users, but if you’re running paid campaigns, it’s probably because you’re looking for a return on investment. This means you must tailor your approach to those who are ready to buy.

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How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC Results

How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC ResultsWhen you’re investing into your business, you want to see a return on your efforts. You’re after measurable PPC results.

Most businesses don’t pay for PPC ads just for fun. They pay for visibility, first and foremost, and then for the payoff that comes from conversions.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as complicated as it might sound.  It’s not as though you’ll have to track each and every impression or click.

But a PPC campaign isn’t a set-and-forget strategy either. Ongoing tweaking and experimentation is key to your success. You have to keep optimizing, so you’re spending less and earning more.

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How to Kill off Your PPC – Horror Stories

How To Kill Off Your PPC – Horror StoriesWith pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can quickly start driving more traffic to your site and get people to buy. That, at least, is the promise that many marketers are making.

And to be fair, a properly crafted ad strategy can help you cut through the noise and get more attention for your product, service, or event. But things can and do go wrong, and a significant number of ads fail to accomplish their intended goal.

Typically, we’d be looking at best practices to help you succeed in your advertising. But as they say, there’s more to be learned from someone’s failures than their successes. So here are three examples of companies that failed at PPC. Here’s how to kill off your PPC and waste money on advertising.Continue Reading..

How PPC & Marketing Automation Work Together

How PPC & Marketing Automation Work TogetherPay-per-click (or PPC) platforms typically provide you with a considerable amount of data about your campaigns. But is this the best way to track and measure ROI?

One of the realities of PPC is that Facebook, Google, and other companies want you to spend money with them. So if you fire up a campaign and go with all of the default settings, your campaign will be anything but optimized. The performance will be subpar.

If you’re thinking about bang-for-buck, you need to connect your PPC accounts with your marketing automation platform. Interested in finding out how this works? Let’s take a look.Continue Reading..

The Differences Between PPC & Content Promotion

Illustration of PPC and Content PromotionIf you’ve been marketing online for any length of time, you’re likely aware of PPC and content promotion/amplification networks already.

But when most people think of advertising online, their mind immediately turns to ads seen in the search results on Google.

That’s a good example of a Pay-Per-Click (or PPC) ad campaign. As an advertiser, you can pay to increase your visibility for specific keywords.

But this isn’t the only type of advertising available online. You can also use content promotion/amplification to boost the exposure of articles and content pieces.

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