5 Rules For Mobile Email Marketing

5 Rules For Mobile Email Marketing

Ensuring that your email marketing campaigns are suitable for mobile is not a luxury. More than half of all emails are now opened on a mobile device first, but without the proper development, they aren’t as effective and often end up negatively influencing the customer. Ignoring this isn’t an option. For the last decade, email has been the highest ROI digital sales channel for businesses and marketers. For every $1 a company invests in email marketing, $38 is returned. The companies with the best returns do mobile email as well.

Mobile devices can’t correctly render sophisticated email designs because they don’t have the graphics or the memory. However, there are ways you can improve your email design for them. Here are the five rules:Continue Reading..

10 Stats Showing the Importance of Email Marketing

10 Stats Showing the Importance of Email Marketing

Why is email marketing so effective?

Email marketing is an integral part of your online sales process. Businesses that rely on email can often find that they are generating leads at a higher rate and cheaper cost than those relying on more aggressive tactics. Here are ten statistics to demonstrate its importance to your business.Continue Reading..

Why Trigger Events are Important For Marketing Automation

Why Trigger Events are Important For Marketing Automation

Most of the time, your prospects aren’t active in your sales cycle. They are sitting there, minding their own business, looking at products and services that aren’t related to yours. They might be receiving your email marketing campaigns, reading your blog content, or interacting with you over social media. However, at that moment, they are just inactive.

Then there is a sudden flurry of activity from the prospect, and they move through your sales cycle very quickly. Before you know it, they’ve bought your product.

What causes this to happen? How can you use this within your marketing automation to help you generate more sales and speed up the process?Continue Reading..

How to Map Out Your Company’s Sales Cycle

How to Map Out Your Company's Sales Cycle

Your company’s sales cycle is an important factor when finding prospects and closing deals. By understanding how your business does this, you can identify bottlenecks, unnecessary steps in the process, and how you are losing customers as they exit the sales process.

Once identified, you can then take action to eliminate these steps and connect aspects of the sales path to complete a more efficient process.

So how do you map out your company’s sales cycle? Here is one solution for you to consider.Continue Reading..

10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor’s Email Address

10 Types of Content That Get a Visitor's Email Address

The money is in the email list – that is the clear message when it comes to online marketing. Many online marketers will tell you this fact, and it is backed up by surveys. In 2013 and 2014, the third best online selling path was email marketing. Only direct visits and organic searching performed better.

Therefore, the goal of your website should be to collect the email address of your visitors. You may get purchases without collecting the email, but if you don’t, the chances are high (70%) that you will never see that visitor again. But visitors to your website don’t just give you their contact information. You have to earn them. Most of the time, this is through giving them some premium content to make them feel they’ve gotten a good deal.

So, what content could you provide visitors that will encourage them to provide their contact information?

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The Science Behind Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Science Behind Shopping Cart AbandonmentOne of the most significant problems for online businesses is not always how to get the customer to the brand, but how to get them to complete their purchases. Shopping cart abandonment can be a significant barrier to successfully making sales.

There are ways for your online business to entice those customers back to your store to complete the order. These strategies include automatically sending a follow-up email where you remind a customer what they’ve recently put into their cart but have not purchased. But for these strategies to be successful, you need to know precisely why your customer has abandoned the cart.

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How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy

How to Build a Long-Term Sales Strategy When You're Under Short-Term Pressure

Get your long term sales better with a plan B and confidence!

When your sales are down, it can often be tempting to make quick sales to generate enough revenue for the month or to meet monthly targets. However, this can be a mistake and will just lead to greater struggles the next month. This hand-to-mouth style of generating sales is not good for your business. It can increase stress that will lower your morale as well as the staff. Therefore, you should develop a long-term sales strategy.

There is one thing that will outshine everything; it is the personality of a salesperson. People buy from people, so you have to concentrate on building relationships with your clients. It will help you improve your ratio to close deals within any given month, which will help you meet higher targets, long term.

So what advice is there?Continue Reading..

5 Bottlenecks Implementing Marketing Automation

5 Bottlenecks Implementing Marketing Automation

Implementing a marketing automation strategy is an excellent way to create a steady stream of good leads. With more leads, you can generate more sales which will help grow your business very effectively. However, there are challenges for companies when they start to implement a marketing automation strategy. Often, without the correct processes put in place, your marketing automation strategy can quickly be blocked by typical bottlenecks.

Only by setting up processes to prevent problems in the future can you be sure that your business will not suffer.

So what are these bottlenecks and what can you do about them?Continue Reading..

Frustrated with Your Marketing Automation Software?

Frustrated With Your Marketing Automation Software?

In today’s marketplace, there is a significant move towards marketing automation software to help businesses manage their campaigns. These can offer great benefits such as combining many marketing tasks in one platform, more detailed reports, and minute-by-minute result analysis.

However, there are those who have become frustrated as well. It can make for an unhappy experience, where different departments blame each other, and at some point, they may switch off their software and go back to more traditional methods of running and monitoring their marketing. For some, this might seem like a good idea, but it does remove the excellent benefits that marketing automation offers.

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7 Lead Scoring Best Practices For Growing Businesses

7 Lead Scoring Best Practices For Growing Businesses

If you want a successful sales funnel within your business, you need to make sure that you develop your leads correctly. It requires you to have a robust lead scoring system that accurately tells you where in the purchasing path a lead is, promptly. If you don’t know when a lead is ready to speak to your sales team, you will miss the opportunity or annoy them.

So how can you score your leads to ensure they are willing to speak to a member of your sales team? Here are some of the best practices.Continue Reading..