How to Target Your Marketing by Segmenting Your B2B Leads

How to Target Your Marketing by Segmenting Your B2B Leads

If you want to be successful at marketing, you need to be good at segmenting your leads. This helps you to know which products to sell to which prospects, and what information will support your efforts. This can make your sales teams more successful, shorten purchasing journeys, and increase revenue values.

For B2B businesses, there are several challenges. One is knowing that B2B marketing is different in some ways than B2C marketing. Some of the differences are listed below:Continue Reading..

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing is one of the essential activities for running a successful business. Without it, you can’t hope to attract prospects, educate them about your services/products, or convert them into customers. That is why so many business owners like to keep their fingers on the pulse and manually orchestrate their marketing, sending out campaigns, monitoring results, and seeing who needs to be contacted. However, manual marketing, while having advantages, isn’t always the best solution. Marketing automation has several benefits that can make marketing business easier and bring in customers.Continue Reading..

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Email Marketing Lists

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Email Marketing Lists

Email marketing is one of the best ways you can sell to your prospects. Research has demonstrated that it has the highest ROI for any online marketing channel, offering returns of $40 for every $1 spent. For that reason, building an email marketing list is often a priority for most businesses. Many make the decision to buy an email marketing list.

However, purchasing email marketing lists might not be the best choice for your business since several factors can cost you more than just the price of the list. Here they are:Continue Reading..

Why Email Preheaders Are Important for Your Business

Why Email Preheaders Are Important For Your BusinessEmail Preheaders are often the forgotten element when it comes to email design. Many businesses don’t realize they exist or don’t think they are important. It is easy to conclude the former if you feel overwhelmed by CSS trickery or the HTML technical aspects of your email design program.

However, the truth is that your emails will be much more effective with preheaders.

What Is a Preheader?

An email preheader, also known as a Johnson Box, is the piece of text that sits alongside the email subject in many email clients (like Gmail). Usually, the text informs the recipient of the contents of the email.

Many businesses use this space to re-write or advertise the first line of the email message. But, this is a waste of an opportunity to engage your audience and convince them that they need to open your message. You might find that using a different preheader is the key to increasing your open rate on your email marketing campaigns.Continue Reading..

How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead Nurturing


How to Maintain Brand Awareness With Lead NurturingYour sales reps are valuable resources. They help you generate interest for your products and push out your brand image. Some of their time is likely to be spent touching base with old leads who have previously converted and could benefit from the add-on, or complimentary products.

Touching base has four significant problems. First, touching base usually occurs when brands haven’t interacted with your company for a long time. Therefore, they are becoming cold leads and are probably not interested in your services/products at the current time. Consequently, your sales reps have no information to go on and cannot make efficient use of their time.

Second, your lead may not be available, so your sales team leaves a message, such as:

Hi, this is Joe Blogs from Joe Blogs Consulting. Just giving you a quick call to see if there is anything you need help with.”Continue Reading..

Why Offering a Free Incentive Doesn’t Always Work

Why Offering a Free Incentive Doesn't Always Get You That Next ClientEvery day there are hundreds of offers online that promise a gift or reward when you make a purchase, sign up, or request more information. It is often considered good practice, but is it always? Does the customer see these gifts as cheap, or as a good free incentive?

In some cases, you might be surprised to discover that offering an item might cost you more than you get in return, harm your reputation, and leave you feeling deflated.Continue Reading..

How to Work Out Your ROI With Email Marketing

How to Work Out Your ROI With Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to sell directly to your audience. According to research over the past ten years, email marketing has provided the best returns on investment of any digital marketing channel.

For some campaigns, the returns can be as high as $40 for every $1 spent. It doesn’t mean you can automatically take these figures for granted. Even if you are getting high responses from your email marketing campaigns, it would be foolish to stop monitoring your costs.Continue Reading..

Does Your Target Customer Profile Change Over Time?

Does Your Target Customer Profile Change Over Time?

Your target customer profile is the most critical ‘need to know’ piece of information for your business. Without this vital data, you won’t know how to create marketing content for your audience, where to market your products or services, and, more importantly – whether or not your products are going to have value for your target audience.

Many growing businesses don’t even consider creating a target customer profile. Instead, they think of their clients as generic people on the streets or in offices that they can market to. It typically leads to higher marketing costs and, in some cases, business failure.

Those that create a target customer profile tend to do it once and then never re-examine it. Could this be a failure of itself? Should you change or reassess your target customer profile over time?Continue Reading..

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Lead Generation Campaigns

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Lead Generation Campaigns

Whatever path your prospects take, they should always be part of a lead generation path.

Companies are often looking at how they can bring in customers immediately with short-term lead generation campaigns. It is not always the best strategy. Sometimes you have to employ long term lead generation campaigns for better results, with particular customers.

Research has found that the number of interactions for customers to convert from newly introduced prospects to customers is increasing. 80% of prospects require 5 to 12 touchpoints to convert into a customer. However, this doesn’t mean you should only concentrate on long term channels. The research also shows that 20% of customers are still converting with four or fewer interactions. These can be highly valued customers as their customer acquisition costs can be lower than those that require extensive marketing campaigns.Continue Reading..

Do You Know What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like?

Do You Know What Your Sales Funnel Looks Like?

When you are running a business, generating new customers is all about leading them through your sales funnel, which requires you to know a lot of information. It includes the marketing touchpoints in the funnel, the actions that need to be taken by the prospect and the ‘end game plan.’

There are several benefits of knowing all this information. So, what are the advantages of knowing what your sales funnel looks like, and how can you define it to make it more effective?Continue Reading..