What to Know About Email Drip Campaigns

What to Know About Email Drip CampaignsMuch has been said about lead nurturing.

In simple terms, the idea is that people who come to your website to check out your product or service offer aren’t ready to buy.

So, by providing them with the information they need, you can move them down your sales funnel. If the content connects with them, they’ll be better prepared to buy. And, if they feel you’re best able to solve their problem, they will buy from you.

Email drip campaigns are perfect for achieving this end. You can have emails go out on a preset schedule, or when your leads take a specific action.Continue Reading..

What GDPR Means for Small Businesses in the US

What GDPR Means for Small Businesses in the USIt has become increasingly commonplace for businesses to collect prospect and customer data.

Recently, conversations around big data, IoT, and the possibilities surrounding emerging tech have only increased.

While it is true that companies collect personal information to better understand, market to, and serve their customers, this isn’t to suggest their intentions are always so transparent or benevolent.

When you realize that businesses are collecting everything – social media posts, addresses, banking information, IP addresses, and the sites people have visited – you might start feeling a little uncomfortable.

This is what led to the creation of a new European privacy policy known as GDPR.Continue Reading..

How to Create Your First Lead Magnet Campaign

How To Create Your First Lead Magnet CampaignIf you’re looking to generate more leads from your website, you should initiate a lead magnet campaign.

A lead magnet is an opt-in bribe. It can be a free whitepaper, eBook, report, consultation, coupon, or something else your readers would find valuable.

Your goal is to get your visitors to sign up for your opt-in offer so you can add them to your email list.

Once they’re in your database, you can nurture them to where they’re ready to buy. There is a good chance people are coming to your website for the first time won’t be ready to buy the moment they arrive. But if you follow up with relevant messages, they may become a client down the line.Continue Reading..

20 Ways to Capture Website Leads via Email

20 Ways to Capture Website Leads via EmailEvery business needs sales to stay afloat and grow. But most of your website visitors won’t be ready to buy the moment they arrive on your site.

Some marketers take that to mean they should push harder, but that could end up working against you.

Instead, you want to offer your visitors a way to say “yes” to you without making a significant financial commitment.

Getting them on your email list should be a top priority. As cliché as it might sound, there is money in the list. Getting them on your list helps you move them down your funnel.

If you have a process for nurturing your leads, answering their objections, providing them with reviews and comparisons, giving them the information they need to make a buying decision, you’ll see more success with the leads you’ve collected.

Here are 20 ways to capture your website leads.Continue Reading..

Financial Advisors: Why Digital Marketing Is an Opportunity

Financial Advisors: Why Digital Marketing Is An OpportunityFinancial advisors – are you utilizing digital marketing to promote your services?

Old school strategies still work. But if you aren’t attracting leads and clients online, you could be missing out.

The reality is that the strategies you’re already using can work well in the online environment too. You can build your credibility and authority by answering questions. You can use it to create new connections and nurture leads to bring them to the point of purchase. This process can even be automated.

Digital marketing should be a part of your overall strategy, and here’s why.Continue Reading..

Digital Lead Generation: You Get What You Pay For

Digital Lead Generation: You Get What You Pay ForDigital lead generation is fast becoming a go-to strategy. However, both digital and traditional marketing channels can drive business results.

Is there a difference between the two? Is one more effective than the other?

When it comes to lead generation, what tools or channels produce the best results? What role does lead nurturing play?

With digital lead generation, you get what you pay for. Let’s compare and contrast digital marketing and traditional marketing to get to the core of the matter.Continue Reading..

How to Create a Benchmark for Your Small Business ROI

How to Create a Benchmark for Your Small Business ROIIn small business, you need to measure your return on investment (ROI).

If you don’t know where your time and resources are going and how they are generating business, you have no way to determine how effective your efforts are.

Creating a benchmark allows you to measure where you are against where you were, as well as where others are. It makes it easy for you to monitor the fluctuations your business goes through from one month to the next.

Fluctuation is normal and nothing to be afraid of. But if you’re consistently trending downward for too long, you know it’s time to make some adjustments.

In any case, here are steps you can take to create a benchmark.Continue Reading..

How to Figure out If Your Email Marketing Is Working

How To Figure Out If Your Email Marketing Is WorkingDenying the importance of email marketing is hard.

There are many ways to build a following and an audience. But if you don’t own the platform, you risk losing the community you’ve worked so hard to build.

When you get more likes on your Facebook page, Facebook owns that list. Meanwhile, when you build your email list, you own it. Even if you end up moving to a different email marketing platform, you can take your list with you.

What some people won’t tell you is that email marketing isn’t necessarily easy. Getting your emails seen and opened can be hard. And even if you do get them opened, there’s no guarantee your subscribers will take a profitable action.

So, how do you know if your email marketing is successful?Continue Reading..

What Not to Do When Calculating Marketing ROI

What Not To Do When Calculating Marketing ROICalculating marketing ROI can be a highly involved, complicated process.

You must account for certain expenses, take a broader view of your multi-channel approach, and focus on the right metrics. If not, your calculations will be skewed. No manager is going to take kindly to that. Especially if they believe your reports are painting a rosier picture than what reality dictates.

Customer lifetime value (or CLV) is one of the key metrics you should already know. If your CLV is in order, you’ve got a head-start on many businesses. Most don’t know what a single customer is worth to them.

But there are other mistakes you can make when calculating marketing ROI. Let’s have a look.Continue Reading..

How to Build a Landing Page for Lead Conversion

How To Build A Landing Page For Lead ConversionLanding page best practices continue to change with lead behavior.

What may have worked a few years ago isn’t necessarily what works now, as people don’t just give away their email addresses willy-nilly anymore.

But if your offer is targeted and appealing, you can still build a high-performing landing page.

When you understand your target audience, and why they need your offer, you’ll get the right people on your list. And wouldn’t you prefer to build a quality email list instead of one where people regularly unsubscribe?

Let’s look at how to build a landing page that converts.Continue Reading..