Lead Generation Secret: How to Start a Conversation

Lead Generation Secret: How to Start a ConversationWhat is the lead generation secret?

As marketers, we know that we should be generating leads from our various online properties.

But what exactly should we be doing to attract more leads?

This process may be more straightforward than you think, though it will require a solid understanding of your audience.

The lead generation secret is knowing how to start a conversation. Here are a few ways you can begin engaging your audience.Continue Reading..

Your Multichannel Strategy Needs a New Medium

Your Multichannel Strategy Needs a New MediumDoes your multichannel strategy need a new medium?

The great thing about multichannel marketing strategies is that they appeal to the sensibilities of the consumer. They like being able to learn about your product or service on their smartphone, tablet, and computer. They enjoy interacting with a company through different channels, whether it’s your website, emails, social media or otherwise.

To engage on many levels, it may require a more significant investment of time and resources. But the benefits are indeed there. Per ZoomInfo Blog, 50% of multichannel marketers say they usually or always hit their financial targets.

But how do you know when you should add another channel?

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Multichannel Marketing Strategies Without Social Media?

Do Multichannel Marketing Strategies Work Without Social Media?Today, multichannel marketing strategies encompass a lot. From websites, blogs, and newsletters. And from email to video, audio, landing pages, visual content and more.

Naturally, social media often gets talked about as one channel among many that must be utilized to connect with your audience.

What’s interesting about several of these channels is that they aren’t marketing channels in the strictest sense.

Content is often used to build trust with consumers first and foremost. Social media tends to be an extension of that. Video, audio and other forms of visual content are often just ways of gaining visibility. And also exposure online.

So, how important is social media? Can you execute multichannel marketing strategies without social media?Continue Reading..

A Single Marketing Medium Could Hurt Your Brand

A Single Marketing Marketing Could Hurt Your BrandMarketing is changing fast to adapt to the demands of consumers. A single marketing medium is quickly becoming not enough.

There may have been a time when you could jump on one marketing medium and drive business results from it. But it’s getting to the point where most consumers are looking to engage with businesses in many ways. Especially before they make a purchase decision.

Building your brand requires more effort and precision than ever before. You must create a consistent experience across many channels. It will help your leads understand the value of what you offer.

Here are several reasons depending on a single marketing medium could hurt your brand.Continue Reading..

Segmenting Leads: Why It’s Important

Segmenting Leads: Why It's ImportantHave you begun segmenting leads for your website? You’re starting to see some traction with generating leads. It’s exciting to see a growing interest in your business, services, and products.

But not keeping organized can be problematic. It’s not uncommon for businesses to use many tools to capture and engage their prospects. At first, it might seem manageable. But it can quickly get out of hand as you generate more and more leads.

Data can get lost.  Inaccuracies and errors can creep in. Duplicate entries can be created with you knowing. Categorizing or segmenting leads can become a chore. It can get to the point where you don’t even know who’s “warm” or “cold” anymore.

What the above underscores are the importance of centralizing and segmenting leads.Continue Reading..

Multichannel Marketing Stats Prove Worth the Effort

Multichannel Marketing Stats Prove Worth the EffortWhat can multichannel marketing stats show us about its overall effectiveness?

So, you’re beginning to think about multichannel marketing.

But you understand that it can be a big commitment regarding personnel, time and resources. You also know that it must be done right if you want it to work for you.

Overall, you aren’t thoroughly convinced that it’s the next step forward for your business. But you’re considering it.

The multichannel marketing stats that follow might push you over the edge. Let’s explore several multichannel marketing stats that prove it’s worth the effort.Continue Reading..

Picking the Right Marketing Channels to Use Together

Picking the Right Marketing Channels to Use TogetherIn the world of marketing channels, there’s a lot of talk about multichannel and omnichannel.

As important as it might be to connect with your audience in as many ways as possible, this doesn’t mean you will get a high ROI from every channel.

Additionally, mastering every channel is difficult. Doing so may also not be in your best interest. For each small business, some channels are better than others.

So, determining your marketing channel mix is crucial to the success of your marketing strategy.

But how do you pick the right marketing channels for your business?Continue Reading..

Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Sticking the Landing

Why Your Landing Pages Aren’t Sticking the LandingThe primary purpose of landing pages is to get your visitors to act.

Whether it’s to download an eBook, purchase a course, enter contact information or otherwise, the principal focus of every landing page is to encourage action.

The problem is that your visitors don’t always follow through. Sometimes they bounce off your page. Occasionally they get interrupted midway and forget to return to the page. And, at other times, they read all the way through and decide the offer is not for them.

A landing page doesn’t always convert. Even some of the most effective landing pages convert a low percentage of visitors (i.e., single digits).

So, if your landing page isn’t converting double digits, it’s nothing to be alarmed about. But if no one coming to your landing page is following through, then you might have a problem. Here’s how to solve it.Continue Reading..

Using Print in Multichannel Marketing

Using Print in Multichannel MarketingWhen people think “marketing” these days, they often think about online marketing.

No doubt, there are plenty of great opportunities for promoting your business and products online.

But that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be – or shouldn’t be – taking advantage of print as well.

Print can surprise and delight your prospects and customers in ways that a social media update may not be able to.

But you must be able to see the forest for the trees with multichannel marketing. Otherwise, your print marketing will show up at the wrong time, with the wrong message for the wrong person. That’s the opposite of effective marketing.

So, how do you use print in your multichannel marketing strategy? Read on.Continue Reading..

5 Tips for Seamless Multichannel Marketing

5 Tips for Creating A Seamless Multichannel Marketing ExperienceMultichannel marketing. With a lot of attention going to digital marketing, there is an opportunity to make gains with all types of marketing efforts.

To compete with larger companies, you may find yourself marketing to your customers across many channels.

There are certain advantages to this in that you may find it easier to cut through the noise in a space that’s less crowded. Plus, you may gain access to customers you may not have otherwise been able to.

But executing a multichannel marketing strategy is complex. And, if executed poorly, your customers may not respond to your marketing in an intended manner.

So, what does it take to create a seamless multichannel marketing experience? Read on.Continue Reading..