Audience Engagement: Big List of Stats

Audience Engagement: Big List of StatsAudience engagement. You know the concept. But how does your audience engage online?

Knowing more about your audience will help you drive more traffic, convert more leads and close more sales. So, the time invested in understanding and researching your audience is time well spent.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stats that point the way, which allows you to shortcut your research.

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How to Create Evergreen Content

How to Create Evergreen ContentThe importance of evergreen content marketing material can’t be denied.

But people love the news. Reporting on it, analyzing it and putting your spin on it can generate a lot of traffic to your website in the immediate.

At some point, however, the news you cover will no longer be of value to your visitors, and they will stop coming to your website to read about it. That puts you in a position where you must publish the news on a weekly if not daily basis to keep the same traffic coming in.

Meanwhile, evergreen content can bring a lot of visitors to your website over the long haul. It may not do much in the immediate, but give it time, and it will pick up momentum.Continue Reading..

The Complete Guide to Writing Product & Service Descriptions

The Complete Guide to Writing Product & Service DescriptionsWe all know it when we see it. But if we were asked to break it down into its components, we might struggle a bit. What are we talking about? Compelling product or service descriptions.

If done right, you’ll convert more leads and increase sales. You’ll even see your customer lifetime value go up. If done poorly, you’ll struggle to gain traction with your product or service.

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Why Guest Blogging Still Matters

Why Guest Blogging Still MattersIs guest blogging worth it?

It’s surprising the number of people still asking this question. When Matt Cuts announced the death of guest posts back in 2014, a lot of people freaked out. But he wasn’t signaling the end of guest blogging – he was warning us that low-quality content would no longer help your ranking.

As Google continues to update their algorithm, doubt may begin to creep into your mind a little. But for several important reasons, guest blogging is unlikely to become irrelevant any time soon.

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Using CoSchedule to Improve Content Marketing Efforts

Using CoSchedule To Improve Content Marketing EffortsThe challenge of digital marketing is that it can be hard to stay organized, especially when there are a lot of moving pieces and channels to oversee.

CoSchedule is a comprehensive digital marketing management tool. It’s a collaborative calendar environment for your team where you can plan and coordinate your social media, content marketing, email marketing, and more.

If you’re trying to manage all your marketing activities with a spreadsheet, or communication seems to get lost in a mountain of emails, you need to streamline your marketing efforts. That’s where CoSchedule comes in.Continue Reading..

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Effective Case Studies

The Ultimate Guide To Writing Effective Case StudiesYou can tell your customers how fantastic your products or services are, and it may even benefit you.

But the main thing to focus on is getting your customers results. That’s more important than anything else. If you can solve their problem and improve their lives, you won’t have any trouble finding more customers like them. When you can get your customers talking positively about you, you can’t buy better marketing.

This is where case studies come in. A case study is a type of content demonstrating how you were able to transform a client’s life. It’s almost like a long-form testimonial.

For instance, it could be helping them lose 40 lbs. of excess body fat or helping them go from having no dates to three dates per week.

But even case studies showing exemplary results can be boring to read if not appropriately crafted. Why is anyone going to read a boring piece of content and then hire you?

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20 Ways to Get Your Lead Magnet Noticed

20 Ways to Get Your Lead Magnet NoticedHave you been using a lead magnet? You’ve put a lot of time and effort into crafting an amazing eBook or whitepaper.

The only problem? You can’t seem to get anyone to download it.

But you don’t want your effort to go to waste.

Not to worry – the problem may not be with the offer itself. But you may need to draw more attention to the lead magnet so your website visitors see it.

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5 Controversial Marketing Techniques (That Maybe Aren’t so Bad)

5 Controversial Marketing Techniques (That Maybe Aren’t So Bad)Marketing has changed a lot, even just in the last few years. Nowhere is this more apparent online, where search and social algorithms are continually being updated.

Does this mean that certain marketing techniques aren’t worth doing anymore? The answer is, “it depends.”

Certain marketers and experts have advised us to stop using some of the following techniques. And yet, with a few simple adjustments, they can still get results.

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What to Know About the Sales Funnel

What to Know About the Sales FunnelA prospect isn’t necessarily ready to purchase your product or service the moment they visit your website. Therefore, you need a sales funnel.

Some leads are just becoming aware of their problem and are still researching it. Others have identified their challenge, and they’re beginning to explore their options regarding solutions. Still, others are ready to purchase immediately.

To turn a prospect into a paying customer, you would need to tailor your marketing to prospects who are at different stages of their buying journey. That is a marketing funnel.

A sales funnel is part of the same funnel. But when the marketing team hands off a lead to sales, it means they’re ready to buy right away or within a couple of steps.Continue Reading..

What Happens When Your Content Marketing Fails?

What Happens When Your Content Marketing Fails?You’ve initiated your content marketing program. You’ve researched your target audience, you’re regularly publishing relevant content, and you’re promoting it.

Still, you don’t seem to be getting results.

Content marketing takes time, so this is not a problem unless you’ve been at it for several years and you’re not gaining any traction. If that’s the situation you find yourself in, then other factors need to be addressed.

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