4 Reasons Your Call-to-Action Needs to Be Specific

4 Reasons Your Call-to-Action Needs to Be Specific

Getting customers to complete a task you want them to do, requires you to use one essential tool: the call-to-action (CTA). Creating the best call-to-action for your website and business will help you sell more products and gain inquiries. In fact, the right CTA can significantly increase results – which can lead to the growth of your business.

A great CTA is even more important when you are running a PPC campaign. When you are competing against rivals for attention, your CTA could be the deciding factor.

1. A CTA Lets the Reader Know What They Have to Do

One of the primary failures of CTAs is that they don’t instruct what to do after reading the line. For instance, having a line like: “want more information” doesn’t say how the reader can access that information.

Generally speaking, consumers don’t like surprises. They want to know what they are getting involved in before taking the next step. By not being up front with the next step, they aren’t going to proceed, and they may go to a competitor instead.

However, if you use words like ‘request’ or ‘download,’ you are clearly identifying the next step.

2. It Tells the Reader What to Expect From Your Offer

As previously mentioned, customers want to know what they are getting. If you are talking about information, they want to know what information they will receive, how it will be received and when. Otherwise, they could be claiming something that they can’t access or don’t want.

So consider carefully, what you are offering and insert this into your CTA. For example, change “download more information” to something like “download our marketing ebook.” It clearly explains what the offer is and what the visitor can gain by clicking through.

3. It Doesn’t Tell the Reader How Long the Offer is Open For

Urgency is one of the best sellers of any offer. It creates scarcity and pushes customers to make that purchase, or to check out your offer before it disappears. If you don’t advertise the limited nature of your offer, then you might have a problem that your customers don’t feel they need to click through immediately.

Just by using ‘now’ and ‘limited offer’ can be useful, but there is no real urgency here, and consumers are becoming accustomed to seeing them. Instead, you could try using phrases that give a particular time like “ends midnight” or “only five left” that will give your CTA real power.

4. The Reader Needs to See Value

Finally, you need to provide value in your CTA. If the reader doesn’t think there is anything of value in your offer, they aren’t going to click through. They want to believe that they’ve got a good deal.

For retailers, this is easy. Just placing a discount amount is enough to provide this information. However, with services, this can be more difficult. But, if you offer something like an ebook, you could describe the value of the information inside the book and emphasize that the ebook is free.


A CTA is the most important element of any PPC campaign. It tells those who are searching the web what they need to do to take advantage of a great offer. But, there are many competitors and therefore, your CTA needs to be better than everyone else’s. To do this, be specific by telling the reader what they will get, how they can get it, the value and how long they have to claim it.

Using this formula will help you get more click-throughs to help generate leads and revenues.

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