How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC Results

How to Boost Your Profits with Measurable PPC ResultsWhen you’re investing into your business, you want to see a return on your efforts. You’re after measurable PPC results.

Most businesses don’t pay for PPC ads just for fun. They pay for visibility, first and foremost, and then for the payoff that comes from conversions.

Don’t worry – this isn’t as complicated as it might sound.  It’s not as though you’ll have to track each and every impression or click.

But a PPC campaign isn’t a set-and-forget strategy either. Ongoing tweaking and experimentation is key to your success. You have to keep optimizing, so you’re spending less and earning more.

Here are some tips on how to boost your profits with measurable PPC results.

For PPC Results, Be More Timely

PPC platforms, unfortunately, can be confusing. But one thing we can say with certainty is that using the default settings is unlikely to get you the results you’re looking for. For better or for worse, you’re going to have to get used to PPC interfaces.

With any PPC campaign, some testing will be necessary. But as you observe how your campaigns are progressing, you’re bound to notice something. Specifically, peaks and valleys in conversions. You’ll notice that on some days – and certain times of the day – you’re getting more conversions than at other times.

So, one of the easiest and most common sense things you can do to get better ROI from your campaigns is to limit when your ads are shown. It may require ongoing monitoring and adjusting, but it’s a surefire way to get better PPC results from your ad spend.

Fine-Tune Your Geo-Targeting

It is more or less the same concept as being more timely with your ads. Your campaign stats will show that people are buying more from certain locations over others.

It’s all well and good to target all of U.S. when you first launch your campaign (or other countries, if relevant), but as you begin to see where your clicks and conversions are coming from, you’re going to want to make some finer adjustments. You’ll want to keep an eye on this too, even as you fine-tune your location targeting.

This data could also help with other aspects of your marketing. When you see where the majority of sales are coming from, you could begin to form some theories as to why that is, and launch more targeted marketing initiatives to test your assumptions.

Discontinue Ad Campaigns That Aren’t Delivering PPC Results

As a marketer, you build your campaigns on the best information available to you. But sometimes those data points and hunches are proven wrong as you begin to test them out.

There are many reasons why certain ads may not perform as one expects. But assuming your ad copy and targeting are optimized, there is likely an issue with your keyword choice. Here are some common problems with PPC results and how to overcome them:

  • You aren’t bidding enough. What is your max bid for each keyword? If this is too low, and you’re in a particularly competitive space, your ads aren’t working hard enough for you.
  • There aren’t enough searches. If you’re bidding a good amount of money on a keyword, but it doesn’t appear to be getting you any traffic, or very little traffic, it’s likely that people are not searching for it, and you would be better off targeting different terms.
  • The match type needs a tweak. If a keyword is driving traffic but not leading to clicks and conversions, it could be that you’re targeting too broadly. A keyword can either be a broad match or a phrase match. By choosing the correct option, you can increase its effectiveness.

If an ad doesn’t seem to work no matter how you optimize it, then pause that one and keep the ads that are working.

Final Thoughts

These are some easy ways for you to get better PPC results from your campaigns. Remember – if you don’t keep an eye on your campaigns, you won’t be able to make proper adjustments to them. So be watchful, identify trends, and optimize your targeting.

What are some ways you’ve been able to boost profits with PPC campaigns? How did you use your campaign stats to tweak your ads?

Let us know in the comments below.

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