How to Blend PPC & Inbound Marketing

Online Marketing and ppc concept. Inbound marketing online promotion traffic concept internet bisiness and advertising icons. For website graphics, mobile apps, web page layout design.Is it possible to blend your PPC advertising campaigns with your inbound marketing strategy?

Traditionally, when you think of advertising, there was often an element of “push” to it. Meanwhile, inbound marketing is a formula for attraction – creating value and earning trust with your audience with worthwhile content. At first glance, the two strategies may appear to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

But the two can play well together. You just need to be deliberate about how you set it up. Here’s how to blend PPC and inbound marketing.

Understanding the Difference Between PPC & Inbound Marketing

Over the long haul, inbound marketing can produce amazing results for your business. As you publish content on a regular, ongoing basis, you’ll begin to attract a bigger audience, and see more traffic coming to your site from search engines. But this doesn’t happen overnight.

Meanwhile, PPC advertising can start working for you right away. After all, you’re paying for results. But the moment you stop paying is the moment it stops working.

Understanding this difference will help you pair the two strategies in a complementary way.

Focusing on the Customer Instead of the Company

Many companies are using ads to promote their products and services. That shouldn’t come as a surprise. When you’re implementing an inbound strategy, however, you need to be thinking regarding the customer rather than just the company.

How can you shift the focus of your ads? By being clear on what the benefit is for the end user. Can you offer a solution to their problem? Will they learn something new? Can you entertain them? How does the offer or content benefit them?

A prospect-focused strategy will help you keep your marketing aligned with your message.

Amplifying Your Message

Organic search traffic doesn’t happen in a vacuum. As you commit to the regular publishing of quality content, you start to see an increase in traffic over time.

PPC is the perfect tool for taking a piece of high-performing content and amplifying it, whether it’s a blog post, video, or even a landing page. You don’t need to craft an entirely new message – you can simply take what you already have and begin attracting more like-minded people by boosting the content with your ads.

Evergreen content is especially valuable since it will always be relevant. But you can even promote your latest product or promotion to test how it’s resonating with your target audience.

Leveraging Insights

If you’ve been driving traffic to your site with inbound marketing, then you probably already know something about your audience. You might even know quite a bit.

But here’s the thing – PPC campaigns will provide you with even more insights into your audience. You can take that data, feed it back into your marketing strategy, and launch even more effective campaigns with the knowledge you’ve gained. You can also use this information to develop even better content.

When PPC and inbound marketing are blended well, you’ll be able to create a feedback loop that helps you further hone your targeting and future content pieces.

Final Thoughts

In essence, you can use PPC in much the same way you use inbound marketing. You can draw people in with value-added content, and then convert them into email subscribers or customers.

As such, a top-funnel focus is important. You don’t want to get too advanced too fast. You can explore increasingly advanced topics on your blog to delight and nurture leads, but their first exposure should be to a piece of content that immediately benefits them so they’ll want to take the next step to connect with you.

Have you been able to blend your PPC and inbound marketing strategies effectively?

Let us know in the comments below.

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