Audience Engagement: Big List of Stats

Audience Engagement: Big List of StatsAudience engagement. You know the concept. But how does your audience engage online?

Knowing more about your audience will help you drive more traffic, convert more leads and close more sales. So, the time invested in understanding and researching your audience is time well spent.

Fortunately, there are plenty of stats that point the way, which allows you to shortcut your research.

Here are several stats that show you more about audience engagement.

Using Videos on Landing Pages Will Increase Conversions by 86%

If you’re selling products online at all, you probably have a landing page or two.

This stat via HubSpot proves that if you aren’t already using video on your landing pages, you may want to consider A/B testing. It could offer a big boost to sales.

50% of Search Queries Are 4 Words or Longer (Longtail Audience Engagement)

SEO isn’t just about keywords. It’s also about searcher intent.

What this stat via WordStream shows is that people are increasingly narrowing their search and looking for specific things online. So, think regarding questions and sentences – not just keywords.

72% of Consumers Who Did a Local Search Visited a Store Within 5 Miles

Here’s another insightful stat about audience engagement from WordStream. It mostly applies to retailers, but then again, if you set up your online store right, perhaps you could snag a few sales that would otherwise go to a local store.

Videos Increase Your Click-Through Rate, Which Drives 157% Increase in Organic Traffic from Search Engine Results Pages

Another stat (via BrightEdge) that demonstrates the importance of video in today’s online climate.

More and more people are looking for video to engage with, so it would be wise to incorporate it into your content mix.

The Number of Voice Queries Increased 3,400% Between 2008 and 2017

It may still be a while before voice search takes over text search. But knowing that a percentage of your audience engagement is likely using voice search to find what they’re looking for is beneficial. After all, it can help you understand what long-tail keywords to create content around.

This is another HubSpot marketing stat.

79% of People Online Use Facebook

This staggering stat comes to us via Pew Research Center. With over two billion users now using Facebook, it truly is a power to reckon with. If you aren’t taking advantage of it yet, there’s a good chance you’re missing out and leaving opportunity on the table.

In the Past Two Years, Content Consumption on LinkedIn Has Increased by 21%

If you have a B2B company, then you shouldn’t ignore LinkedIn.

This stat comes to us via HubSpot, and it could be pointing the way of the future. LinkedIn could quickly become a valuable marketing channel for your company.

Instagram Hit 1 Billion Users in June 2018, After Hitting 800 Million Monthly Users in September

Tech Crunch was proud to announce Instagram’s “meteoric” rise, which continues to this day. This is a tremendous opportunity for audience engagement.

Admittedly, it can be challenging to utilize Instagram as a marketing channel, though some personalities and brands do it well.

Roughly 59% of Americans Believe That Customer Service Through Social Media Has Made It Easier to Get Their Questions Answered and Issues Resolved

LYFE Marketing shows us how important it can be to offer excellent customer support on social media. Though it may require an extra investment of resources, if you want to serve your customers well, you should pay attention to your social media.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel like you have a better idea of how your audience engagement now? You can begin making changes to your online presence today, and it could have a dramatic impact on your results.

Did you know about these stats? What surprised you most?

Let us know in the comments below.

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