7 Stats That Prove Video Marketing Is Your Best Friend

7 Stats That Prove Video Marketing Is Your Best FriendFeeling left out when it comes to your social media following and video marketing? You see many brands post video content on their social media and webpage and wonder if there’s something to video marketing.

Video is the new king in content marketing. It’s a strong strategy for any brand to adopt. Still skeptical? Here are seven video marketing stats that prove video is your brand’s best friend.

1. Viewers Retain More of Your Message

Viewers only retain 10% of a message when they read it, but they retain 95% of a message delivered by video. (Insivia)

Video communicates on more than one level. You engage more of your senses when you watch a video rather than read text. It’s like chatting with another person, but you take on the role of an active listener.

With video marketing, you watch and interpret the speaker’s body language. You listen to the tone of their voice and the content of what they say. Therefore, it makes sense that a person is more likely to retain a message when it’s viewed on video rather than read.

2. Mobile Video Viewers Are More Likely to Share

92% of mobile video viewers will share what they viewed with others. (Wordstream)

Consider that 75% of all played videos are on mobile devices anyway. Most people carry these devices on the go, and logically, they will be on the search for quick, relevant information. That could be a parent shopping for groceries or someone killing time on a work break searching for a new outfit for a special occasion.

Optimizing your video marketing content for mobile is a great place to start when upgrading your technology.

3. Video Viewers Want to Solve Problems

Some 65% of YouTube viewers watch to find solutions to problems. (Google)

Many viewers like to watch music videos while they relax or clean, but most have an issue they want to resolve. Replacing a screen may fix a mobile device, but there may be an underlying issue that the company showing the video can further solve.

Providing helpful and relevant content that solves problems develops trust in your audience.

4. Marketing Videos Can Land You a Spot on Google’s Front Page

If you include video, your website is 53 times more likely to feature on Google’s front page. (Insivia)

Type in a few of your favorite brands, and you’ll notice they either rank or don’t rank on the front page of Google. You’ll notice that a line of featured video marketing content ranks in front of the text descriptions of the top ranking websites. Did any of your favorite brands make the cut?

If not, it’s probably because they don’t feature any videos. How does your brand rank compared to competitors with branded video content?

5. More People Watch Video Than a Year Ago

Some 71% of people watch more video than they did a year ago. (HubSpot)

More and more people are watch videos every year, and the trend is on the rise. The most preferred videos are short and easy to follow. You should still come up with a catchy SEO-optimized headline and description to catch their eye.

6. Marketing Videos Will Make Up Most of Consumer Internet Traffic

Worldwide consumer video traffic online will comprise 80% of all consumer traffic on the internet by 2019. (SmallBiz Trends on Video Marketing)

Wonder where your audience went or why you’re not gaining a following? Consider giving video content creation a try. It’s where most of the traffic is headed this year.

7. Most Consumers Will Buy After Viewing Marketing Videos

Did you know that 64% of consumers buy a product once they watch a branded video on social media? (Tubular Insights)

Worry less about lead generating phone calls and put the information right on your social media for consumers to consider. Most consumers will invest in the product once they watch a branded video on a social media platform.

Video marketing engages more of a consumer’s senses, and the consumer retains more of the message your brand communicates. So use video to help your customer solve a problem, and you’ll build loyalty. Given the stats, it’s wise to make video your brand’s new best friend.

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