6 Blog Post Secrets That Convert and Engage

6 Blog Post Secrets That Convert and EngageBusinesses who don’t have a blog are falling behind. Keeping the public engaged should always be a top priority, and blog posts are one of the most effective ways to sustain engagement. The quality of your blog posts is a key factor that will make a big difference in how your posts perform. If you’re serious about building your business, you need to know how to use blog posts to keep people engaged, here’s what you need to know.

1. Give Every Blog Post a Heading to Remember

One of the single most important elements of any blog post is the first heading. The rest of the headings are also important, but it’s the top one that makes a difference. The idea is, if the first heading doesn’t capture a reader’s attention, they’ll never get to the rest of the post. It’s a shame for an otherwise great post to go ignored and be left unread simply because the first heading didn’t capture attention. This happens all the time, don’t let it happen to you.

2. Personalize and Prioritize Your Blog Posts

Any successful blog today focuses on two key elements, personalization, and prioritization. Today, almost any content that you put out there should be personal. The public has come not only to crave personalization, but they’ve also come to expect it. Content that isn’t personalized falls by the wayside and doesn’t resonate with anyone because it’s too general.

You have to know your customer demographic inside and out. You need to play to their interests, hobbies, and sense of humor.

Blog posts should also be prioritized, meaning you should be organizing your posts in order of importance.

3. Put Most of Your Effort Into the CTA

A good rule of thumb is to put most of your effort into two parts of each post, the first heading, and your CTA. The first heading is the hook, and the CTA sets the hook if it’s a good one. A CTA, or call-to-action, is your chance to turn a visitor into a customer. So, it needs to be catchy, custom, and compelling to be effective.

4. You’ve Got to Go Big on Visuals

You can have great content and still miss out if you don’t feature engaging visuals. Pictures are a huge part of what makes blogs engaging. For posts of 500 words, aim to have at least one engaging picture as a featured image. For longer posts, you should use more pictures.

5. Make Your Blog Posts Interactive

If you want your blog content to stand out, make it interactive by featuring videos. You can also incorporate quizzes or interactive tools into your posts. For example, an article on SEO expertise can have a quiz that tests your reader’s SEO knowledge. So, if you’re selling SEO management services, you can encourage readers with lower scores to check out your business.

6. Always Double Down on SEO

But even if you have engaging visuals and stellar written content with a perfect CTA and riveting headings, you won’t get very far without SEO. Thus, your blog post search rankings are vital, and even a rudimentary knowledge of SEO can help posts stand out. If you don’t utilize SEO, your posts may rank poorly and buried under millions upon millions of other higher ranking search results.


Blogging remains one of the best investments a business can make. Content marketing continues to grow. Video and podcasting have been on the rise. So has social media. But regular blog posts provide a great source of text information. It’s a great long-term strategy for organic search. If you’ve been considering business blogging, the tips here can help.

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