5 of the Worst Email Marketing Tools Ever

5 of the Worst Email Marketing Tools Ever

Everywhere you go, people are talking about the value and effectiveness of email marketing. In general, it’s true. Email marketing can help you achieve a variety of different goals, whether it’s content promotion, lead nurturing, sales, or cart abandonment sequences.

But depending on the campaign and the tools you’re using to send it, email disasters can occur.

Here’s a rare look into five of the worst email marketing tools ever. 

1. Your Inbox

Sending mass emails from your inbox (whether Gmail or Outlook) can get you into trouble. Particularly if no one on your list agreed to receive communication from you in the first place.

As it turns out, your inbox is only good for a few things – most of all, personal communication. If you want to promote your business and products, you should be using email marketing software. If you want to process customer inquiries promptly, you should be using helpdesk software.

Your inbox is where others add to your to-do list. So although it is useful for sending personalized messages or spying on the kinds of emails your competitors are sending, it’s no way to organize and manage a list, let alone send email sequences to particular segments of your list.

2. Any Tool That Doesn’t Let You Customize the Design of Your Email

If you’re using software that doesn’t let you:

  • Add your logo.
  • Change link colors.
  • Customize the font.
  • And so on.

Then you’re probably still stuck in the stone ages of the internet.

When your subscribers get a message from you, they should instantly recognize who it’s from, and why they’re receiving communication from you. A tool that doesn’t let you do that is robbing you blind.

3. Any Tool That Doesn’t Let You Segment Your List

Your subscribers are interested in different aspects of what you’re doing. When they signed up for your email list, it’s likely because of a particular point you touched on in your content.

For example, if you have a SaaS app for social media, you might have blog posts about Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and so on. So some of your prospects might opt in to receive more information about one of those sites, and not necessarily all of them.

Being able to segment your list gives you the flexibility of sending the kind of content your leads are looking for, leading them further down the sales funnel.

4. Any Tool That Doesn’t Let Your Subscribers Easily Unsubscribe

In many countries, this is now a legal requirement. Subscribers need to have opted in with you to receive your email messages, and they also need to be able to unsubscribe easily, without having to log in to an account or go through a multi-step process to stop getting your emails.

Many marketing tools, by default, will insert a clearly marked “unsubscribe from this list” link in each and every email you send.

But if you have to add the link yourself, or if the management of your list is an entirely manual process, it’s time to start looking for alternatives.

5. Any Tool That Doesn’t Have Mobile-Friendly Templates You Can Use

According to HubSpot, 74% of smartphone owners use their devices to check their email.

If for some reason, you can’t create mobile friendly emails with your current software provider, then you’re missing out on a significant opportunity to connect with a huge segment of your user base.

Most platforms should have mobile-friendly templates you can take advantage of, but if not, you should reach out to them to find out why not.

Final Thoughts

Bottom line – it isn’t about the tools you’re using so much as how you’re using them.

Poorly designed emails, emails that are too long, over-hyped subject lines containing too many words like “free” and “buy now,” not making it easy for people to unsubscribe, buying lists… these behaviors are often rooted in desperation or ignorance.

Now if the software you’re using doesn’t let you configure things the way you want to, that’s a whole other matter – it may be time to go looking for something different.

What are the worst email marketing tools you’ve found?

Let us know in the comments below.

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