5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Automation

Marketing is one of the essential activities for running a successful business. Without it, you can’t hope to attract prospects, educate them about your services/products, or convert them into customers. That is why so many business owners like to keep their fingers on the pulse and manually orchestrate their marketing, sending out campaigns, monitoring results, and seeing who needs to be contacted. However, manual marketing, while having advantages, isn’t always the best solution. Marketing automation has several benefits that can make marketing business easier and bring in customers.

When should you start thinking about leaving manual marketing alone and move to a more automated system? Here are five indicators:

1. You Have Limited Time

One of the first signs that you might need marketing automation is when you are spending too much time running your marketing campaigns. Time is precious in business, so it must be optimized. Typically, people think that they should maximize their time spent marketing since that is what brings in revenue. However, marketing doesn’t generate revenue – delivering a product/service does – marketing just ensures there is someone there to pay for it.

If you spend all your time marketing, then you aren’t delivering products, and won’t get paid. Automation can take some of the burdens away, leaving you with more time for production.

2. You Are Missing out on Sales

Part of marketing is identifying the right time to speak to prospects. If you are completing all your marketing manually, that means you have to spot prospect behaviors that signal they are ready to talk to you. This can be risky, as it is easy to overlook these actions when you have a database of hundreds or thousands of contacts.

Marketing automation can highlight preselected steps that prospects have taken, providing you with an easy way to know when you should contact them. Thus, you never miss out on an opportunity again.

3. There Are Too Many Prospects at Different Stages of the Sales Funnel

The more prospects you have, the higher the chance you have to increase sales. However, generating those leads isn’t going to happen overnight. They will trickle in, and this can make marketing more difficult. While at varying stages in the sales funnel, prospects will each want different marketing messages, and behaviors will determine when they are ready for the next level. Managing this can become a headache.

Automation can solve this by providing the right content to the right person based on their position in your sales funnel, and then move them forward when they show specific behaviors.

4. Your Marketing Messages are Complicated

Many businesses have different products/services, and prospects might only be interested in just one or two of these. For instance, if you run a real estate agency – your prospects might be interested in houses for sale, rent, or in selling or leasing a property. You might also have commercial prospects and residential prospects. Each one of these will need a different set of marketing messages. Managing all of them will be time-consuming, and there could be mistakes.

Also, circumstances can change. A prospect might initially be interested in renting a property, but then change their mind and decide to buy a property. Marketing automation can handle this efficiently by adjusting marketing messages to match the change in the prospect’s behavior.

5. Your Shopping Cart Abandon Rate Is Too High to Manage

The average shopping cart abandon rate is between 60 and 80%. You can increase the ROI of your marketing budget by remarketing to your prospects and getting them to come back and make the purchase. However, managing a high rate can be tough. Automation can be useful in this way, whether it is a simple email marketing message or a Google Remarketing campaign.


Marketing automation can be one of the best investments you make for your business. It can save time and ensure you don’t miss out on significant sales opportunities. This allows you to concentrate on what you are best at – delivering your products/services to your paying customers.

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